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How Are Ex UAShuttle Flights Working Now?

Mon Feb 18, 2002 4:57 pm

After shutting down UA Shuttle, did all the routes just blend back into the normal schedule, or were they cut? I know the Shuttle had a bunch of flights between SFO/LAX/SEA/SAN. I also saw a post of a 763 being used on a SFO-SEA run? Also, whats going on in the Shuttle terminal at SFO now that it's gone, is it just regular UA?

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RE: How Are Ex UAShuttle Flights Working Now?

Tue Feb 19, 2002 3:43 am

well as far as i know from my airports scehdules they just blended tham back into a mainline system timetable allowing longer turns here. I believe the aircraft thhat were once shuttle , which many still apppear in that livery, have Economy plus seating now. Whne shuttle first went out we started getting an A320 to SFO then it went on to dulles. As far as i know shuttle wasnt doing well at all prior to 9/11 anyway there was alot of talk about scraping it. Its sad to see it go but i have a fealing that the compitetin was binded to tightly between two divisions of UAL Express (skywest) And Shuttle By United, with CRJs skywest in my opinion won out greatly over Shuttle they are know using those in the same way Shuttle used its 737s from what ive been hearing.. good luck