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Charter Flights To Scotland In Summer 2002

Tue Feb 19, 2002 10:20 pm

Hi all,

I'm currently organizing a trip to Scotland in late July/early August 2002 and have been searching around for airfares. The cheapest is Ryanair who, sadly, aren't proving to be very cheap at all for my dates. I remember years ago that there were regular charter flights from various German/Swiss/Austrian airports to Edinburgh and sometimes even Glasgow. I've tried to find out if any of these flights still exist but without any success. I have found a weekly flight to Inverness but that's leaving from Zürich which isn't exactly convenient (and it's just as expensive as BA...). Any suggestions or does anyone know if there are charters to EDI from Germany this summer?
Thanks a million for all your help in advance!

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RE: Charter Flights To Scotland In Summer 2002

Tue Feb 19, 2002 10:49 pm

you should be abile to get one of the big holiday opporaters to get you hear. someone else will probaly no more than me but a would think you can where is it you want to leve from
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RE: Charter Flights To Scotland In Summer 2002

Wed Feb 20, 2002 2:29 am

German airline Aero Lloyd used to operate flights to Scotland a couple of years back but they have not scheduled any for this year. The only charter flights to the British Isles from Germany this year will go to Shannon and Knock in the Republic of Ireland and to Jersey/Guernsey.

What is the quote you got from Ryanair for HHN - PIK and where exactly do you want to leave from/arrive at ?

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