Baby A330 On The Way

Sat Aug 21, 1999 4:27 am

According to Flight International Magazine, Airbus is planning a shortened A330-200 to replace the A300/310. The plane would probably be called the A330-100 seating around 200 passengers. I think a lot of airlines looking for A300/310 replacements are candidates for the new airplane, specially Airbus operators...To name a few: LH, SQ, TK, AF, OS, Thai, etc.... and many potential new customer looking for something wider than the B767.
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RE: Baby A330 On The Way

Sat Aug 21, 1999 4:34 am

It makes a lot of sense. The A330-200 is a fine and popular aircraft, but because of its long range, not completely suitable for regional flights. I could see a lot of existing customers going for this option, if it comes to fruition. SIA, of those you mention, seems to be the most likely candidate. Also, airlines outgrowing the largest narrowbodies - i.e. 757/321 - would be ideal targets. For Airbus, this would be an ideal strategy in that it would obviously be attractive to existing customers, but those who are not yet converted could take the 330-100 as the first step to a larger Airbus fleet. It'll be interesting to watch this develop, but I wonder if they've thought of a short range 332?
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RE: Baby A330 On The Way

Sat Aug 21, 1999 5:51 am

This is a great move from Airbus!

As it was already said, the A330-200 is a superb plane, but many airlines don't need such big range (12,000 km) nor such amount of seats offered (240), e.g. TAP-Air Portugal on services to North America and selected African cities.

It surely will provide a very atractive replacement to A310 and B767 planes, and Airbus has some very good advantages, such the low cost to develop it (due to the huge familiarity with the existing 332/333/342/343 and future 345/346) and also because it will be alone in market (Boeing is not planing to develop a B767-200/-300 "Advanced" as far as I know, since they are just developing the new B767-400 in the 76x family; and, in this class proposed by the A330-100, they are just developing the B757-200ER, which will be a great plane but hasn't familiarity with anyother long-distance modern - I mean B767-400 and B777s - planes in Boeing line, and is also always a narrow-body and carry the disvantages brought by this, such low cargo capacity).


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RE: Baby A330 On The Way

Sat Aug 21, 1999 7:21 am

Sounds like fun to me!

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RE: Baby A330 On The Way

Sat Aug 21, 1999 7:37 am

If Airbus can reduce some of the structural weight (along with deactivating the center wing fuel tank), I think they will have a winner. They could either start with a clean sheet design to replace the A300/310 but I think a lightened and shortened derivative of the A330-200 would get Airbus 99% of the way to their efficiency goals. That would be my vote. I think it looks good.

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