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747 Question

Sat Aug 21, 1999 9:35 am

Why some 747 models are numbered 747-412, 747-312, 747-4Q8, etc.??????
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RE: 747 Question

Sat Aug 21, 1999 9:57 am

Airlines are given unique numerical or letter codes. The first letter in the extension -357 indidicates a 747-300 model and the 57 identifies the airline as Swissair (I think).
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RE: 747 Question

Sat Aug 21, 1999 10:16 am

I was once told that a specific number is unique to an airline as they have their plane fitted with different options, most importantly the engines.

Try this page:
Unfortunatelly it's for Airbuse's, he didn't have the Boeing page done yet but it should be similar.

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RE: 747 Question

Sat Aug 21, 1999 3:58 pm

Clipper is quite correct; each airline is given its own identifier. Pan Am was -21 and it ran through all the numbers, then letters and numbers (e.g. Thai, -D7), then numbers and letters (e.g. -8E, Asiana) and more recently, two letters. This is actually very useful in identifying the first operator of an aircraft, as it will carry this code through its life; e.g. a few of the Olympic 747s were -212s, which identifies them as being ex-Singapore Airlines.
As to options and engines, this doesn't actually have a bearing on the number. For example, JAL was always a PW user until it got its -400s, but still kept its -46 identifier.

RE: 747 Question

Sat Aug 21, 1999 4:53 pm

It's boeings customer code....Like a 747-212B means it's a 747-200B 12 is for Singapore airlines. This number will follow the aircraft no matter what airline ends up with it. Pan Am bought several of SIA's -200s and they remained 212's in Pan Am's fleet record.
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RE: 747 Question

Sat Aug 21, 1999 8:48 pm

Just to add, these 2-numbers/letters code are not applied just in 747, but in all Boeing line.


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RE: 747 Question

Sat Aug 21, 1999 9:38 pm

Sorry for giving out bad information, i checked it out and Clipper and Kaitak were right. Well i learned a new thing today.


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