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Amusing Anecdotes

Sat Aug 21, 1999 5:50 pm

Aviation is full of amusing anecdotes down through the years. Have you heard any good ones. Why not share them?
Here's one I found on another site; apologies in advance for the slight use of well, unparliamentary language, but it is part of the story and I hope you find it amusing. I did.
The elderly lady, taking her first flight, walks into the cockpit of a Qantas L1049 Constellation (so, this is not a new anecdote!). It has a large crew and the captain is of course, God.
"I, madam," he begins, "am the captain and I command all of these men and I have supreme command of this aircraft, its crew and its passengers," he continues imperiously.
The first officer gives his responsibilities, then the navigators talks about his responsibility for getting the aircraft safely to its destination. Then, working downwards through the stripes, she comes to the youngest member and asks the second officer what he does.
"I'm the captain's sexual adviser,," he says, "when the captain wants my f***ing advice, he'll ask for it".

Beat that!

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