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Difference Inflight Time!

Fri Feb 22, 2002 11:18 pm

Checking THY flight plan,i have noticed this :

IST-HKG : Flight time 09:00 hrs !
HKG-IST : Flight time 12:40 hrs !

The question here is why there is 3hrs40mins of difference between the eastbound and the westbound track ! I know that in the Atlantic,flight time to the east
is reduced due to the Jet winds !

What about flights to Asia ?

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RE: Difference Inflight Time!

Fri Feb 22, 2002 11:40 pm

huh? eastbound it´s 10:50, westbound it´s 11:20.

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RE: Difference Inflight Time!

Sat Feb 23, 2002 11:05 am

Ground Traffic.

For example, lets say Chicago has 3 flights to Frankfurt(i know there are more, i am just improvising).

The first flight leaves at 10 am, the second leaves at 3 pm, and the third leaves at 7 pm. The flying time for the 10 am is 9 hrs 35 min, the flying time for the 3 pm departure is 10 hrs 30 min, and the 7 pm flight is 9 hrs, 20 min.

The reason the 3pm flight is longer than the 7 pm or 10 am flight is that there is more ground traffic and longer takeoff lines.

The flights will probably be in the air for around the same amount of time, but when there is more groud traffic, that means a longer flight.

The flight time starts the second the gate is pulled away from the aircraft, not when the aircraft leaves the runway or reaches its altitude.

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RE: Difference Inflight Time!

Sat Feb 23, 2002 8:00 pm

The jet winds go all the way around the earth.

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