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AA767 At DSM

Sun Aug 22, 1999 11:13 am

Here is a recent photo of an AA 767-200ER at Des Moines. The id=44255. Anyone know why that aircraft was there?
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RE: AA767 At DSM

Sun Aug 22, 1999 11:55 am

I have seen many pictures of unusually large aircraft at DSM. Up to NW 744s. I would also like to know why they were there.
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RE: AA767 At DSM

Sun Aug 22, 1999 12:03 pm

I was just about to post that question! I was wondering when I saw the AA 767 pic, and the UA 767 pics...kind of weird!


RE: AA767 At DSM

Sun Aug 22, 1999 12:37 pm

Im not positive why they were there, but my guess is that they were on a weather diversion from ORD.. when the weather is bad at a major hub as ORD may flights have to divert to surrounding cities for many reasons such as fuel, may also divert for a medical emergency or a mechanical problem.........and last but not least maybe a charter......but none the less a AA 767 at DSM is not a everyday thing......hope this helps a little........
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RE: AA767 At DSM

Mon Aug 23, 1999 4:22 am

I'm certain that these aircraft were destined for Chicago, but deverted to Des Moines, probobly for weather reasons. I live in the Detroit area and we see this allot at DTW. Whenever there is severe adverse weather in Chicago, the DTW apron fills with United and American aircraft. I remember one time seeing three AA 767s, side by side! DSM is the closest "major" airport west of Chicago, thus the deversion theory is the most logical.

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RE: AA767 At DSM

Tue Aug 24, 1999 4:40 am

Diversions from ORD-bound flights. On July 21 I was on a Unitd 747-400 that had to land at Milwaukee because Chicago was closed due to T-storms. We landed at MKE and stayed there until 12:45am the next morning waiting for our fuel. To ORD, We flew almost in formation with a Lufthansa A340 that had to stop for the same reason. DSM gets diversions as well.
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RE: AA767 At DSM

Tue Aug 24, 1999 7:34 am

Don't forget also that the photo could be mis-identified.

Not likely, but possible.

Tulsa, OK is a another example of a diversion airport. TUL is a DC9 and 737 airport (no airline flies scheduled wide-body aircraft anymore). Every once in a while, a DL 767, DL L1011, or AA 767 will appear because of some inflight problem after departure from DFW.

Just last night a Sun County 727 from DFW to MSP was diverted to TUL because of smoke in the cabin.
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RE: AA767 At DSM

Wed Aug 25, 1999 1:22 am

After reading the above replies- i would also agree the plane was there on a diversion from ORD. I know that in New York, if JFK is closed or too full.. it is not uncommon to see large aircraft such as 767s and 747s and even A-340s at Long Island/Islip MacArthur Field.
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