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The 757-300 And The 767-400

Sun Aug 22, 1999 8:15 pm

I know that these are old aircraft designs rejigged (and therefore significantly cheaper than a new design), but the 767-400 has only had 54 orders and the 757-300 has only had 17. This is absolutely disastrous for Boeing, I can't see how they can make any money at all from that. In fact I can't even see the 757-300 production line staying open for much longer, especially if they are counting on European charter airlines, who are all buying Airbus A330s and A320/21s as fast as they can. There may yet be an order from Britannia who are still big Boeing fans (recently leased a couple of A320s and sent them promptly back). But Monarch, LTU, Airtours and Leisure Int'l are not looking to Seattle, especially not to an old design that has been stretched to within an inch of it's life. Anyway, does anyone here have higher hopes than I for these latest derivatives?
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RE: The 757-300 And The 767-400

Sun Aug 22, 1999 9:41 pm

Hello Cedarjet!

What about Lufthansa? I heard some time that they were looking to the 764 mainly for services between California and Germany (I think it would be a very very very stupid decision, since they don't have either a single B767/777, and, on contrary, they have many A340 in operation and in order. And anyway, what could the B764 do that a A330 couldn't? But, I'm not LH chairman...). but I don't know if it's true or just another rumour.

I think that both planes will face difficulties on sales process: the B757-300 because it's not a flexible plane, since it's mainly concepted to charter opertations; the B767-400 because the difference between it and a B777-200 Market A is minimum, and the B777 takes the advantages of being more modern and having a modern family existant and in perspective (772ER, 773, 77Xs), in oposition to the 767 family that seems to disappear in a near future.


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RE: The 757-300 And The 767-400

Sun Aug 22, 1999 11:58 pm

The genius behind these designs is that if orders don't role in the production line doesn't have to stop. Don't worry about these aircraft they will be just fine. It took the 757-200 a few years to get going also.
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Mon Aug 23, 1999 2:48 am

Wow. I can't believe your maturity and intellegence, or better said, lack thereof.