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JetBlue To Add 4th Daily JFK-OAK & -LGB

Mon Feb 25, 2002 10:59 pm

I had a look in the OAG this morning and noticed that JetBlue is adding fourth nonstop daily flights from JFK to Oakland and Long Beach by this summer. This will be in addition to the third daily flights announced previously and beginning next month. Combined with the two flights AA will introduce on the JFK-OAK route, there will be six daily nonstop flights between JFK and OAK. Seems to me that JetBlue is responding to AA's challenge and will fight to force AA out of the market on that route. Should be interesting.

The new flights leave the west coast at approximately 3:00 PM, arriving in JFK around 11:00PM. The reverse routes depart JFK at approximately 11:00AM and arrive at around 2:00PM.
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RE: JetBlue To Add 4th Daily JFK-OAK & -LGB

Mon Feb 25, 2002 11:49 pm

That's a tough one to call. Both of the markets are strong and can probably bear several low-fare A320's a day from JFK. OAK has a huge low-fare catchment area, as does LGB. With next month's flight additions, JetBlue will have more capacity on both routes than AA is planning to offer. Maybe B6 is anticipating a battle--but word may just be getting around out there about JetBlue's fares and service.

What I wonder is, will AA will drop the OAK flights they way they did the proposed ONT flights. AA flies a lot more corporate-traveler people than JetBlue does, and especially those in first class and the gold or platinum or uranium Admirals Club people probably want to go right to SFO. Also, JetBlue has said they plan to start the IAD transcons up on May 1...I wonder if UA will start competing IAD-OAK flights the way they had planned before Sept. 11?

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