WTC Bombing + Hijacked Ac In 1993

Tue Feb 26, 2002 1:54 pm

I was reading the "ITV: Visual History of the 20th Century."

The news in 1993, about World Trade Center bombing, includes the following: ...The car park bomb had been intended to topple one of the WTC towers against the other, an unlikely achievement, though Yousef (the terrorist suspect) believed it would kill tens of thousands of people. HE HAD ALSO PLANNED TO PLANT BOMBS IN 12 AMERICAN AIRLINERS, HOPING TO KILL SOME 4000 PASSENGERS SIMULTANEOUSLY, ALTHOUGH HIS ONLY ACTUAL BOMBING OF AN AIRLINER HAD KILLED 1 PASSENGER BUT FAILED TO DOWN THE PLANE.

I'm wondering what was the airline and the type that got bombed during that time but didn't went down? Does anyone has a clue about this?
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RE: WTC Bombing + Hijacked Ac In 1993

Tue Feb 26, 2002 2:15 pm

My recollection was that the bomb referred to the one which was placed on board a Philippine Airlines B747 that killed a Japanese passenger but failed to destroy the aircraft.

I seem to remember that warnings were coming out of the Philippines at that time concerning threats to bomb US airlines in Asia.

Perhaps someone else might be able to confirm/correct this?