C.V.R. Tapes

Thu Dec 10, 1998 12:31 pm

I don't know how many of you know it, but there is a website at AirDisaster.Com that contains both transcripts and the actual CVR tapes of accident A/C. Some accidents featured are Delta 191, Delta 1141, and Northwest 255, among others. Words of wisdom: This site is not for the faint of heart.

RE: C.V.R. Tapes

Thu Dec 10, 1998 8:22 pm

Good digging L1011.
I found one too.
At in the search bar if you enter TWA800
it will take you to a page where the entire CVR tape of TWA800 can be heard. You need realplayer though to hear it.
Its chilling. You actually hear the TWA 800 crew acknowledging their altitude assignments and headings.
Then a BA capt. calls out the explosion.
You can hear all the military traffic in the area and the controllers trying to keep them out of the departure corridor.

RE: C.V.R. Tapes

Thu Dec 10, 1998 8:47 pm

One correction. Its not the CVR tape, its the ATC tapes
for TWA 800.

RE: C.V.R. Tapes

Fri Dec 11, 1998 8:02 am

Thanks Aviator_ua! I don't think there are many more sites like this out there. Has anyone found others besides these two? Thanks!

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