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American Central Airlines

Thu Feb 28, 2002 12:45 pm

Do you have any info on American Central Airlines? I would realy like to know some of the routes that they flew. Thanks for any info that you have.

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RE: American Central Airlines

Thu Feb 28, 2002 1:25 pm

I flew the aircraft pictured, along with another(830AC) for Iowa Airways. Iowa Airways(a subsidiary of Tennessee Airways) took over the hanger and offices of American Central in the fall of 1985.

ACA was based in Dubuque, Iowa. I know they flew to Waterloo(ALO) and Cedar Rapids(CID). I believe they also went to Kansas City, Omaha and Des Moines. These were also routes flown by Iowa Airways.

The aircraft pictured was the best flying E110 we had. The other ACA E110 was a little bent. One of our pilots had come from ACA and was a local boy(now flying for CAL)

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Most of us were not from the Dubuque area and couldn't wait to get out of there. The people I flew with at Iowa Air are, interestingly enough, my closest friends in the airline business.TC
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Thu Feb 28, 2002 1:35 pm

Do you remeber if they flew to Ft. Dodge,IA or Spencer,IA? If so where to? Also is your user name true? If so you have realy moved up. That is something to be very proud of.
Thanks Vw