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Ohio State U. Flight

Sun Mar 03, 2002 1:56 am

Could someone tell me about OSU's flight program please? How many, and what kind of aircraft do they have? How long does it take to get to the University airport? Uh, ive got so many more questions and cant think of them right now, but if anyone has any comments about the program please tell me. Ive searched the internet, and havent been able to find anything about it. I applied there after not getting accepted to Purdues flight program, but am starting to wonder if that was a good decision. I hear little about the program, just wonderin...
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RE: Ohio State U. Flight

Sun Mar 03, 2002 2:13 am

Like you, I also applied to OSU's flight program, but was accepted into Purdue's as well, so I will be going to Purdue. I will have to give OSU credit with the way the set up their flight program. You do not major in flight like you do at Purdue, but you either get a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Engineering, and there is one other one that I can't remember. This will allow you to do more things with your degree if an aviation career does not work out for you. The two things that really turned me off about OSU were 1.) The distance between the airport and the campus (approx. 15 mins.) and 2.)That after getting your multi-engine rating there is nothing to move onto. You don't have any chance to get hours in a King Air or learn to fly a jet. Even though a degree from OSU will offer you other opportunities outside of flight, I opted for Purdue because I felt that you got much more for your money. That is just my two cents though. Take it for what its worth.
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RE: Ohio State U. Flight

Sun Mar 03, 2002 3:07 am

Hello Delta15,

I'm currently majoring in aviation management at The Ohio State University. I currently do not have any classes at the College of Aviation at OSU, however a good friend of mine is a professor there. The school does have a lot to offer though, with many different majors and superior facilities such as Don Scott Airport. The next time I meet with him, I'll tell him about your interest in finding information concerning the aviation program here at Ohio State. Until then, you can visit OSU's aviation site at:

and Don Scott's site at:

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