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What is harder to fly ?

Sat Oct 31, 1998 12:22 am

Hi everyone,

I am currently flying piston twins (C-310R) and I like it a lot. A lot of people seem to think that piston twins actually are harder to fly than jets because you have to look after piston engines with more care. Still, I have my doubts. Anybody care to comment ?

RE: What is harder to fly ?

Sat Oct 31, 1998 1:46 am

piston twins are also a tiny bit harder to fly because you have to watch after the torque- it is an enormous power right there under your fingertips...

twinjets and single props justa bit easier, although everything is dependant on a person's perspective- a lot of people would say that flying helicopters MUUUCH harder than any other kind of plane, but I would object, that this is not necessarily the truth- I've flown them all of my life and actually, I feel myself a bit more comfortable with a helo, rather than a big jet.

and same is with you- you just getting used to it and it does seem easier to do..