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Ansett B747-400's

Thu Dec 10, 1998 6:31 pm

G'day All..
l have been recieving strong rumours over the last week that Ansett will be obtaining B747-400's. They are planning to operate the B747-400's to LAX, and maybe SFO, as well as AKL & HNL. We seem to expect that the A/C will come from SQ, if so they will be P&W4000 powered, and at this stage we still have no idea how many they expect to get.
Once again this is only rumour so far, so keep your ears to the ground, and e-mail or post any information that you here...
All the best.
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v jet
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RE: Ansett B747-400's

Thu Dec 10, 1998 9:24 pm

I think that this is definatley a rumour. From what I read Ansett International does not have any spare cash to begin getting new acft. In fact Ansett domestic is also very tight as far as the cash situation goes as well.
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RE: V jet

Thu Dec 10, 1998 9:47 pm

G'day V jet.
l have a feeling you are right. But who knows what the number crunchers from ANZ & Newscorp have installed for AN....Lets wait and see...
See yah.
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RE: Ansett Boeing 747's

Fri Dec 11, 1998 3:48 am

I also agree with Vjet! I think Ansett is focusing on
restructuring there regional routes first. (RJ?)Then after that
then they might look to LA. WHO knows!!! Just my opinon!
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RE: Ansett predicted orders

Fri Dec 11, 1998 7:50 am

Here are all of the Ansett predicted orders (note no 744s):

Ansett will choose 18 A332 or B764 to replace and expand their B767-200/300 fleet. Some B777 or A340 may also be part of the order. AI has the lead for the moment. Due to financial problems and alliances this order is on hold until Jan-99.
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RE: Ansett predicted orders

Sat Dec 12, 1998 8:29 am

Ansett is partners with SIA, so I believe they will get the 777. As for the 747-400 I don't know but I do know they are returning their leased 747-300s so mayber SIA will lease them 747-400s?
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