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AF B747-400 Crash ...

Wed Aug 25, 1999 2:05 am

Can someone explain to me what exactly happened on the Air France cash in 1995 in India? Why was the aircraft not written off? I heard, it cost $150 million to fix the bird, might as well buy a new one for that price.

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RE: AF B747-400 Crash ...

Wed Aug 25, 1999 9:03 am

My guess as to why they didn't write it off is because a brand new 747-400 costs in the vicinity of $180 million. Not to mention that in order to buy a new 744 the wait for it would have (probably ) been longer than if they were to just fix it themselves.
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RE: AF B747-400 Crash ...

Thu Aug 26, 1999 4:19 am

A write-off isn't just found money, The insurance company has to choke up the cash. So, if you were the insurance company, would you prefer to pay $150 million for repairs, or would you rather give Air France a brand-new plane at a cost of $180 million? But you're right, it is almost as if two aircraft had to be paid for.

About the crash, isn't there somebody here who can tell us what happened?