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Don't Worry, Next Flight In Two Weeks Time!

Thu Mar 07, 2002 2:00 pm

This is funny, I can just imagine a pilot giving mouth to mouth to a tyre!

from "Beeld" and news24.co.za

Huffing about flat plane tyre

Erika Gibson

Johannesburg - Huffing and puffing, a fainting pilot, a missing jack and an empty nitrogen canister added to passengers' fury when a Kenya Airways flight was stranded with a flat tyre.

After the flight was postponed by a fortnight "for technical reasons", an airline official added fuel to their fury by calling passengers and journalists unpatriotic trouble-makers.

About 42 passengers were on board and ready to fly from Kisumu to Berlin via Jomo Kenyatta Airport when the pilot noticed the flat tyre. No spare was available and the nitrogen canister at the airport at Kisumu was empty.

Bravely, with a bicycle pump...

"One of the passengers suggested that we take the tyre to the nearest garage to have it inflated. But then we discovered that the jack was missing, so we couldn't remove the tyre," airline spokesperson Weseka Sambu explained to Kenyan newspaper The Standard.

"Our technicians bravely tried to pump it with a bicycle pump but it didn't work. One pilot even tried to inflate it by mouth but he fainted," said Sambu.

Slapped with a life-jacket whistle

"When I announced that the flight had been cancelled, one of the passengers slapped me in the face with the whistle of a life-jacket and said we (Kenya Airways) were a national embarrassment.

"I told him he was exaggerating and that there would be another flight in two weeks' time. He could use the opportunity to explore the wonderful natural beauty of Kisumu.

"He was just very upset that he would not be reimbursed for the two weeks' accommodation in Kisumu."

Sambu said any airline could develop such a technical problem. "It was nothing serious."


RE: Don't Worry, Next Flight In Two Weeks Time!

Thu Mar 07, 2002 2:33 pm

"(Kenya Airways) were a national embarrassment."

Two weeks! Flat tire! Just happened to notice it. No nitrogen. They are a national embarrasment!

RE: Don't Worry, Next Flight In Two Weeks Time!

Thu Mar 07, 2002 8:45 pm

Would it help if we get out and push?