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Capacity Adjustments For AF's Summer Timetable

Fri Mar 08, 2002 7:44 pm

Hi folks,

Here an AF press release concerning above-mentioned subject. You find a much more detailed version in French on www.airfrance.fr. There they state that capacity increases (particularly to Africa) are realised by adding addional frequencies as well as by assigning larger aircraft (332 instead of 310 et 763; 747 to certain destinations):

The 2002 Summer Schedule, due to start on 31 March, follows on from the 2001 Winter Schedule, with stable capacity compared with last summer in terms of available seat-km.

For long-haul routes, capacity will remain globally stable compared to last year (down 0.3%) but largely redistributed. Consequently compared with summer 2001, capacity has been cut by 13.8% on North American routes, by 5.2% on Latin American routes and by 6.9% on Middle Eastern routes, although it will increase by 68.8% on African routes, 5.9% to the Indian Ocean and 2.3% to the French Caribbean.
Capacity on Asian routes will remain at almost the same level as in summer 2001 (up 0.5%).

On international medium-haul routes, capacity has been slightly reduced on departure from Paris (down 1.1%) but will go up 8% on departure from the French regions.

On the domestic network, capacity has been slightly reduced (down 1.9%) on Paris-French regional routes but has increased on inter-regional routes.


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