Smaller Airports Need Business!

Wed Aug 25, 1999 1:54 pm

Here in COS the airport is trying to get more business. Because a lot of people are driving to DEN for flights cuz of cheaper fares and more non-stop destinations. The colorado springs airport is trying so hard to get business from people goin to DEN. The case was different when WestPac was still in business, people from denver were flocking to COS for cheap WestPac fares. The COS airport is doin a lot of work to get business including commercials, posters, etc.
Is this the case at your home airport, losing business to other major airports near you?
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RE: Smaller Airports Need Business!

Wed Aug 25, 1999 10:46 pm

Well i know of two airports currently doing this all though neither is my home airport. The first is Lehigh Valley International Airport in Allentown,Pa. The airport is trying to get passengers from driving to PHL and even EWR and LGA. They have advertised but seem to be losing airlines to fly on. AirTran pulled out after the merger and a short lived Kiwi flew there for one week way back when. Also is Toledo. I havent seen them advertise but they are struggling. Many people are driving to DTW to get cheap fares or non stop service. Infact the passengers that fly out of their are so few that Delta dropped all jet service to ATL after falling passenger loads.
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