Comair IN Atlanta

Sat Mar 09, 2002 2:12 pm

Hey folks,

I was in ATL last week and spotted a couple of Comair CRJ's while my plane was taxiing in! Has Comair started service to ATL? Why would Delta Fly Comair into ATL when tons of ASA CRJ's already fly into ALT?

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RE: Comair IN Atlanta

Sat Mar 09, 2002 2:37 pm

Delta does not want any of its hubs to be completely dependent upon one of its regional carriers for regional feed. The Comair strike last summer, which shut down all regional feed at the especially-regional-feed-dependent CVG for 81 days, hurt Delta badly. AFter that strike ended, Delta decided to start moving its regional carriers around, so that a strike at any one of them would not completely shut down regional feed at any one hub.

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RE: Comair IN Atlanta

Sat Mar 09, 2002 10:29 pm

It was 89 days.

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RE: Comair IN Atlanta

Sat Mar 09, 2002 11:21 pm

...89 days too many
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RE: Comair IN Atlanta

Sun Mar 10, 2002 12:20 am

Yes, Comair came into ATL after 9/11, after Delta pulled mainline off the ATL-Harrisburg and ATL-ABE flights and replaced them with Comair CRJs. In addition, AVP-ATL has recently or will soon start up with Comair CRJs. However, the newest ATL-ABE flight is being flown with an ASA CRJ.

In terms of hub breakdowns though, here they follow:
ATL - ASA, Comair (to an extent)
CVG - Comair, ACA
DFW - Comair, ASA, SkyWest
SLC - SkyWest
JFK - ACA, Comair
LGA - ACA (Comair has a few weekly flights to MYR)
BOS - ACA (Comair has 2 weekly flights to MYR)
MCO - Comair (ASA has 3x daily to Louisville)
LAX - American Eagle

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RE: Comair IN Atlanta

Sun Mar 10, 2002 5:29 am

The new ATL-CHO (Charlottesville,VA) will also be flown by Comair. Also beginning March 18, Comair will fly ATL-IND once daily....this flight is in addition to the seven daily MD88's Delta flies.

There's one innaccuracy in your post DeltAirlines, you say that only ACA has a real presence in LGA. However, Comair also flies LGA-JAX and LGA-BHM.

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RE: Comair IN Atlanta

Sun Mar 10, 2002 8:47 am

I saw a Comair CRJ in ATL in January. They do not go direct ATL-CVG, but they take the plane to Allentown or Harrisburg, PA first for example. Are they trying to put Comair (or ASA) aircraft on flights that aren't usually full with an MD-80 or 737-300?

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RE: Comair IN Atlanta

Sun Mar 10, 2002 10:26 am

A lot of hub airports mix regionals now.

DTW has NW Airlink with both Express 1 and Mesaba

Chicago has Atlantic Coast and Air Wisconsin for UEX