SAA 747-400

Wed Aug 25, 1999 10:51 pm


Yesterday I was at Heathrow and saw 2 South African Airways 747-400s, one had RB211 engines the other one
had CF6 engines,how can that be? If they're leased who are they leased from?Unfortunetly I didn't see there registration, I only know that the CF6's name is "The Great North", the RB211's is "North".The CF6 one departed London at 19:15.

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RE: SAA 747-400

Thu Aug 26, 1999 12:00 am

SAA recently order 4 747-400s instead of 777-200s and I believe that these birds have different engines because they were whitetailed in the desert for a while.
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RE: SAA 747-400

Thu Aug 26, 1999 12:46 am

Yes, CX747 is correct. The CF6 powered aircraft are ZS-SBK/SBS, both originally intended for PAL but, due to that airline's problems, never built. SAA's own -444 aircraft are still built with RB211s, the latest being delivered last November.

Interestingly, Air NZ took 2 GE powered 744s in late '94 and was so impressed with the engine (and no doubt GE's sales team!) that its next two "new build" 744s are GE powered, ZK-NBV and NBW are GE powered; NBW is due in October. The airline also took another (ex PAL!) 744 in November '98, now 'SUJ.

One might be tempted to say that the CF6 is the Rolls Royce of aeroplane engines!!
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Thu Aug 26, 1999 12:48 am

Spot the error; I meant to say say that they were never DELIVERED, not "built" - sorry.