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Pilots: Your First Flight

Sun Mar 10, 2002 1:04 am

I'm interessted to hear about the first scheduled flight (in a passenger or cargo aircraft) you did as a FO.
What was you allowed to do, how did it feel, etc.

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RE: Pilots: Your First Flight

Sun Mar 10, 2002 4:59 am

Just a few weeks prior to Sept 11th, I was sent out on the line for my 30 hours of Initial Operating Experience- IOE with a company check airman. I was based at BOS in the SF3.

My first flight was an afternoon trip up to ROC for an overnight. I showed up really early, and waited in the crew room to check messages and look at paperwork. Being totally unfamiliar with the east coast, I also took out my Jepps and highlighted the filed route of flight. When my crew arrived, we went out to the aircraft and I did my preflight, then settled in to do my cockpit checks and set up. I also took out the weight & balance sheets and started in on that. As I filled in the sheet and did my cockpit checks the Checkairman watched and offered advice. I was pretty stressed about getting it all right! We were a few late departing because of the ramp. (LOL...from one who knows the ramp very well.)

Taxiing out to the runway, I was very excited, but still nervous as I tried to learn all the taxiways and completed my before takeoff brief. There was a big line for departure. Finally we were positioned for takeoff. It was so cool I really can hardly descride it. It was such a monumental moment in my life and I only got to relish it for a very few moments. The power: how it sounds & feels. It was awesome. But soon enough Tower is switching me to Departure and I am flying my new heading, I have callouts to say, and I am trying to get a feel for how my Saab wants to be trimmed. Somehow, I managed to do it all. Whew! The check airman just laughed at my rookieness. What a geek. Big grin

It was a great flight all the way out. My routing was on track and things went fairly smooth. The Captain explained bits of info and started 'molding' me the entire 1.7 hours out there. We had 9 pax onboard (I saved all the paperwork.) The landing in ROC wasn't bad at all! I can't land a Beech Duchess worth a crap (prefer Piper twins) but I can land a SF3? Go figure...Anyway, by the time I was done wipping the smirk off my face, cleaning up and stowing my gear, the pax were gone. I hadn't even seen them.

After a postflight it was off to the shuttle. ROC has the best BBQ anywhere- Dinosaurs! If you are ever in town, I highly recommend it.