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Aeromexico New C/s

Thu Aug 26, 1999 12:59 am

Dear friends,

I sow an Aeromexico B757 repainted in some new c/sheme, it looks great, a bare metal body with a blu line that is going smaller near the tail and the logo without the Aeromexico titles on the tail. Aeromexico was written on the front. Have somebody else sow this?? do you have some more info??


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RE: Aeromexico

Thu Aug 26, 1999 10:44 am

Hi! Well.. Yes I´ve seen the new colors but I don´t like it so much, I think they could do better but if that is the tendance in painting... well it´s kind of good... Look at the "new" schemes of LanChile and TAESA the upper part of the fuselage it´s kind of new in paint schemes... What do you think? Joaquín Mexico City / Ciudad de México P.S. I have seen one MD-80 in the new scheme of AeroMéxico.
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