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Aeroflot Break Up..names?

Thu Aug 26, 1999 4:15 am

I was in a few Russian airports last year and was amazed by the number of 'new' Russian airlines that have shown up like Samara, Volga ( which I flew on), Vnukovo, Pulkovo, etc. Does anyone have a number of total airlines that were made from the remains of Aeroflot? What are some of the other names?

Also, how big is Aeroflot now compared to how big it was in 1990?
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RE: Aeroflot Break Up..names?

Thu Aug 26, 1999 2:25 pm

Uhh.... essentially, Aeroflot has been split up into a vast number of regional carriers. Now almost every third or fourth airport in Russia has "its" own airline. Some airlines don't even have the planes... some have one, two or 4 liners... Just to name a few more kind of central and signifficant airlines that come up in my head:

Domodedovo Airlines
Transaero Airlines
Vnukovo Airlines
Sibir (Siberia)
Uzbekistan Airlines
Air Ukraine

Aeroflot is still quite big and growing (slowly)... It may confuse some that Aeroflot International division has only got about 150-180 planes... but the whole bunch is serving internal Russia routes.
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RE: Aeroflot Break Up..names?

Sat Sep 04, 1999 6:29 am

Actually, Transaero cannot be included among the "baby Flots" resulting from the breakup of the old Soviet Aeroflot. Transaero is an entirely new, independent airline, with cabin crews trained by Air France, using all Western aircraft (Boeing 732, 736 and 752, save for one Ilyushin IL86) and serving, at first, high-frequency domestic routes within Russia, later expanding to serve several foreign destinations as well. Transaero was the primary reason Aeroflot, as such, began to shape up. Before the advent of Transaero, Aeroflot had no competition within Russia. Now, it must meet higher standards set by Transaero, as well as foreign airlines serving an increasing number of Russian destinations. Aeroflot itself is now primarily comprised of the international directorate, Aeroflot - Russian International Airlines. It uses almost all Western aircraft on international routes, and the Russian planes it still uses have completely redesigned, more comfortable interiors. The "baby Flots" are mostly named after the airports or regions they originate from - ex: Pulkovo, Vnukovo and Domodedovo Airlines are based at Pulkovo, Vnukovo and Domodedovo airports, while Sibir is based in Siberia. Uzbekistan and Avialiniye Ukrainy are now foreign carriers, operating for the countries of Uzbekistan and Ukraine, respectively.