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AA 777's

Fri Dec 11, 1998 7:14 am

Does anyon eknow what routes American planes to use your 777 on.
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RE: AA 777's

Fri Dec 11, 1998 8:12 am

They will first use them on the Japan Routes to phase out their MD11s
which are being sold to FedEx. The later 777s will replace the DC10s
and also be used on European routes alongside the 767s
I've flown on 9V-SPK.

RE: AA 777's

Fri Dec 11, 1998 10:11 am

The 777's will be used on routes like DFW - Tokyo
MIA - Tokyo
ORD - Tokyo

They will also be used on Trans Atlantic Routes

Information from Bruce Gilman AA 767-300 and 757-200 captain
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RE: AA 777's

Fri Dec 11, 1998 11:37 am

MIA-NRT?! That is a long flight - 6482nm (7459mi) great circle. That will only be 293nm short of UAs ORD-HKG flight. I think that is a little long for a 777, even though it does have the range.
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RE: AA 777's

Sat Dec 12, 1998 9:08 am

That's right. American will put its 777's on all of their flights to Tokyo and Osaka, they now have a direct DFW-Osaka flight, ORD-NRT flight in addition to DFW, SJC and SEA that they previously had as departure points to NRT. JFK-NRT and BOS-NRT are also coming up, but I have never heard of a direct MIA-NRT flight. The only aircraft that could do it is the 747-400 which American doesn't have. I think they are expecting their first 777 next month.
This is the sad end of the MD-11 at American. What is it that is wrong with the MD-11? I really think that they should keep them longer, at least another decade. The MD-11 is not even a decade old !
Ben Soriano