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Neos Started To Fly Yesterday!

Thu Mar 14, 2002 10:03 pm

After a short inaugural ceremony to present the new airline to the press, yesterday Neos started to fly.

Neos is a new Italian charter carrier owned 51% by Fiat Group and 49% by the German charter Hapag Lloyd.
Neos will fly mainly for the tour operator Alpitour-Francorosso that's owned 90% by Fiat Group and 10% by Preassug.
That why the cooperation with Hapag Lloyd.

Neos started yesterday with a B737/800 (I-NEOS) in full TUI colours.
The only difference with Hapag Lloyd and Britannia livery are the name NEOS written in red and the Italian registration numbers.
(At the moment there isn't a picture of Neos in database, so I put a HF picture)

Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Paulo carvalho

A second B738 will join the fleet in May and a third is scheduled to arrive in October.
The plane has an all economy layout with 184 seats.
Neos is based in Milan Malpensa airport.
They operate from terminal 2.

Here the timetable of their first week:

From Company Flight Destination Date Hour

MXP - NO 06350 CAPSKIRRING DAKAR 15/03/2002 08:00
MXP - NO 06660 - SHARM EL SHEIKH 16/03/2002 07:30
MXP - NO 06662 - SHARM EL SHEIKH 16/03/2002 17:20
MXP - NO 04270 - MALAGA 17/03/2002 07:15
MXP - NO 06670 - SHARM EL SHEIKH 17/03/2002 14:15
MXP - NO 04610 - TENERIFE SUR R.SOFIA 18/03/2002 07:00
MXP - NO 06210 - ILHA DO SAL 18/03/2002 17:15
MXP - NO 06620 - SHARM EL SHEIKH 19/03/2002 19:45