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Very Interesting News From Italy

Fri Mar 15, 2002 12:03 am

AEROFLOT has at the moment in storage at Rome FCO a new DC10F registered VP-BDE.

AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS plans to expand the network from Italy with further two weekly frequency on the route Rome FCO-Sao Paulo-Buenos Aires with B747 plus the thrice weekly Rome FCO-Buenos Aires with A340.

AIR ALPS pland to operate seasonal weekend flights from Bolzano/Bozen to Olbia/Cagliari from April 27th. 2002. From Naples and Lamezia Terme.

AIR DOLOMITI add the route Bologna-Bari with effect March 27th. 2002. With effect April 8th. 2002 the new daily route Verona-Madrid with CRJ200LR. With effect April 13th. 2002 a twice weekly seasonal flight from Berlin to Venice with ATR72. With effect May 11th. 2002 a weekly seasonal on saturdays from Cagliari to Verona. The seasonal flights from Genoa -Olbia will be operated from June 1st. The Genoa -Frankfurt to be upgraded from March 31st. 2002 from ATR42/500 to CRJ200LR. The route Amsterdam-Verona will be operated from March 31st. 2002 from Do328 to CRJ200.

AIR EUROPE ITALY operate a weekly charter flight from Rimini to La Habana from Oct. 8th. 2002 with B767 on behalf for I Viaggi del Ventaglio-Columbus.

AIR LIB operate from May to October a weekly charter from Rimini to Paris CDG with MD83.

AIR ONE, in May has 25 B737 in fleet, now they are 22, with effect June 1st. 2002 add a daily flight from Palermo to Turin, due to the Alitalia phase-out from the route.
The airline has informed that with effect April the daily flights from Rome to Palermo are to be increased from four to five, Rome-Catania from five to six.
With effect June 1st. yhe route Crotone-Milan LIN and Crotone -Rome is resumed. New seasonal flights from Rome to Pantelleria and from Lampedusa to Milan/Bologna/Rome and annually from Palermo to Lampedusa. New weekly flights from Pantelleria to Milan.
The total year invoice in 2001 is 188 millions of Euro + 17,1% and 1905753 the passengers transported +11,1%. AIR ONE will add from June 1st. 2002 to Sept. 30th. 2002 a new twice weekly operated on Sa and Su from Bologna to Lampedusa with B737. Obviously the flight is available on the major CRS in sharing with Lufthansa.

AIR SICILIA will open in future new flights from Pisa to Catania /Palermo and Palermo to Verona.

ALICALABRIA is a new airline in course of constitution with the target to promote the holiday resorts of the Gulf of Policastro, the proposed operational base is in the new airport in course of built at Scalea, but the first regular operations are from Lamezia Terme, contact are in course with various tour operators and the base size aircraft is a prop in a range from 50 to 70 seats.

ALISEA founde in 1999 as ITALFLY, in 2000 has changed name in ALISEA AIRLINES and at the moment owned from various sicilian investors trained by Daniela Prestigiacomo with a share capital of 103.291 Euros in course of increasing to 2600000 Euros, plans with effect June 2nd to start the charter
activities from Palermo, Milan and Rome with one dryleased B737/400. Three are the aircraft planned to join the fleet, 3000 flying hrs was sold out at the moment but the airline wants to cooperate also with european tour operator, the under construction web site is at

ALPI EAGLES until the end of March has in wet lease an Italy First ATR42/300 based in Naples, and currently operate the route Naples-Palermo/Catania.

ALITALIA will receive the first B777 in August 2002, and the following four aircrafts will be delivery one in each following month. Alitalia at the moment has ordered five B777/200IGW and one is in option. At this time are unreported the past spoked B777/300 placed in option. Voices at the moment
reports that Air France is interested entry with a 14% of the share in the Alitalia stake capital, and four B777 will be ordered to cover the possible intercontinental route expansion to support Air France and the SkyTeam Alliance.
ALITALIA and MINERVA will increase from 10 weekly to 21 with Do328/100 from Bologna to Naples with effect March 31st. 2002.
Alitalia highlights in the summer season 2002:
Domestic netweork:
In the leg Milan Lin to Rome FCO are now 31 the daily rotations in the weekdays.
New daily flights from Milan Linate to Catania (from three to four daily flights)
European network:
From seven to ten weekly rotations on the route Milan Mxp to Moscow.
From seven to ten weekly rotation from Rome FCO to Sofia.
from seven to twelve weekly frequencies from Milan Mxp to Bucuresti, in total are 18 the weekly rotation operated between Italy and Romania.

ANGEL AIRLINES will ops a new weekly rotation with effect mid March on the route Rimini-Bucuresti with a J31 18Y. The route is a chartered regular service operate on behalf for Libra Viaggi.

AZZURRA AIR has decided to modify its operational structure with the addition of the new sharing codes on the routes operated for Alitalia, this new asset will start on March 31st. 2002.
The routes are:Milan Malpensa to Oporto, Bilbao, Copenaghen, Stockholm, Hamburg,Thesaloniki and Rome.
The fleet in future will be formed by five Avro's and five B737/700. Voices reports that probably the two EI-'s or the dry leased from Germania will be returned to lessor and further thre more 737-700 to be leased.
On behalf for the icelandic tour operator Heimsferoir will be operated these new seasonal charter flights:
Bologna-Keflavik from May 23rd to Sept. 12th. 2002;
Verona-Keflavik from May 28th to OCT. 1st. 2002.
From 23 February to April 6th. 2002 will operate a weekly rotation Rome FCO-Rimini-Ilha do Sal with B737/700 on behalf for I Viaggi di Atlantide tour operator.

BASIC AIRLINES operate a charter rotation from Rimini to Amsterdam with B737/800 189Y, from June 1st. to October 26th. 2002.

BLUE PANORAMA plans to receive its first B767/300ER on April 15th. 2002.
The airline is interested to inser this aircraft especially on the route from Italy to the Madagascar in sharing with Air Madagascar. Distal ITR the holding that control Blue Panorama is the GSA of Air Madagascar in Italy.

BRITISH AIRWAYS triple with effect March 31st. 2002 the route Pisa-London LGW (2X ARJ100, 1xB737) and Naples-London LGW. The route Verona-London LGW in this summer season is operated only with one daily flight.

CARTHAGO AIRLINES is a new tunisian charter carrier that intends to start charter operations from May 2002 with two B737/300 148Y. To Italy are planned charter operations from Milan and Verona to Djerba/Monastir.

CROATIA AIRLINES with effect June 30th. 2002 to Sept. 1st. 2002 operate a weekly flight from Bologna to Split and Brac Island with ATR42.

DELTA AIR LINES has agreed from 14/03/2002 to start a code sharing with Alitalia on Atlanta-Guatemala City.

EUROFLY receive the two ordered A330/200 in May and June, the jetliners are ex Air Afrique at the moment in storage in Paris. Further two A320 will be added in fleet in 2003. The 767's will be transferred to Alitalia.

EUROWINGS will resume from Lufthansa City Line the twice daily route Dussseldorf-Bologna, operated with CRJ200LR. The continue to be operated in sharing with Lufthansa and Air Dolomiti.

EVA AIR CARGO with effect April 4th. 2002 will add a thrice weekly cargo flight from Taipei to Milan Mxp with MD11F.

FREE AIRWAYS will add regular charter flights for this summer season from Zurich to Palermo/Catania with MD83.

GANDALF AIRLINES has fully completed the increase optional share capital to reduce the financial troubles. The 2001 was closed with a net losses of 54,9 billions of ITL.With effect March 31st. will drop the route Rome FCO-Parma-Bergamo.

HOLA AIRLINES is a new spanish charter carrier that intent to add charter flights to Europe (Italy enclosed) with two B737/400 with effect June 2002.
The founder is Mario Hidalgo the ex Air Europa Express general manager. In the first year plans to transport 260.000 passengers. Further rotations are garanted to UK, Germany and Switzerland.

IRANIAN AIRLINES has planned a twice monthly cargo rotation from Rimini to Mumbai with IL76.

LAUDA AIR ITALY, the holding Volante that control the italian charter airline has sold out the 40% of the shares to I Viaggi del Ventaglio Group.
In the conctract are reported some conditions for example conceirning that the tour operator has to purchase minimum 50 millions of Euro in flying hours pour years. Another condition is that the tour operator has an option to purchase the 60% of the airline until the 2006 at the price of 10 millions of Euro.

MALEV, rumours reports the coming foundation of a regional carrier called MALEV EXPRESS with two CRJ200, routes planned are from Budapest to Bologna / Venice / Timisoara/ Odessa/Kiev/Belgrade.

MALMO AVIATION with Avro RJ100 has planned charter rotations from Glasgow to Bologna/Rimini/Pisa from July to September. In the same period also from Dublin to Bologna.

MERIDIANA with effect March 20th. 2002 will add the route Palermo-Rome FCO on four daily basis. The route at the moment is the most busiest after the Milan Lin-Rome FCO. With the entrance of Meridiana is the seventh carrier that operate the route after Alitalia, Air Sicilia in partnership with Volare Group, Alpi Eagles, Air One, Panair Compagnia Aerea Mediterranea.
With effect March 31st. 2002 as planned add the route Naples-Paris CDG with MD82 on twice daily basis, one of the two flights has a direct extension to Cagliairi. A weekly seasonal Olbia-Catania. Resumed the routes Pisa to
Catania/Palermo on daily basis, Bologna-Cagliari on twice daily basis, Bologna-Olbia on daily basis. With effect June 15th. 2002 the route Bologna-Olbia is operated on twice daily basis until October 26th. 2002.
Twice weekly the route Olbia-London LGW and twice weekly the Paris CDG-Olbia.
Meridiana has transported in 2001 3,3 millions of pax, with a share in Italy of 17%. More than one million of pax has flown from and to Sicily.

MILLENIUM AIRLINES is a new proposed airline with two hubs one in Shannon and one in Florence with a fleet of two AvroRJ85 and 8 Avro RJ100.

MINERVA AIRLINES with effect March 31st. 2002 drop the routes Rimini-Milan Mxp, Perugia-Rome FCO and Trieste-Naples. The planned Trieste-Palermo did'nt commence at the moment.

NEOS presented today at Milan Mxp has a planned budget of 26 millions of Euro until October 26th. 2002 and 4200 flying hours are scheduled to be operated. 70 peoples are employed by the airline. The first revenue flight was a Milan Mxp-Cap Skirring on March 8th. 2002. The twice letter code is NO. The airline was founded after a joint venture from Ifil and Preussag.
Two B737/800 are planned in fleet for this year and a third in 2003. The second is expected in delivery in May. At the moment will op flights to Ilaha do SAL, Sharm el Sheikh, Canary Islands (TFS) and Malaga. In summer to Balear Islands, Syria, Greece, Portugal, Spain. Base in Mila Mxp and further ops are granted from Bergamo, Verona and Bologna. The airline was certified
on JAR OPS 1 before the start-up.

NORTHWEST with effect April 1st. 2002 will resume the daily flight Rome FCO-Detroit with DC10/40.

QATAR AIRWAYS with effect June 16th. 2002 will add four weekly rotations from Milan Mxp to Muscat with A320.

REGIONAL AIRLINES from June to September operate a weekly charter flight from Strasburg to Rimini.

TAP announce a new morning daily rotation from Milan Linate to Lisnon with effect April 1st. 2002. The route will be operated with A321.

THOMAS COOK AIRLINES operate with B737 a weekly charter flight from Bruxelles to Rimini from June to September.

VOLARE AIRLINES extend the two daily rotations from Milan Lin to Bari, respectively one to Tirana and one to Athens. The Athens rotation has the nightstop in Athens.


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RE: Very Interesting News From Italy

Fri Mar 15, 2002 12:55 am

Any news when/if Air Europe will get rid of their 777s? Thanks! The777Man
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RE: Very Interesting News From Italy

Fri Mar 15, 2002 1:09 am

the only news sure about Air Europe is that 3 A330/200 will replace 3 B767/300ER very soon (within next winter season).
Unfortunately no news about their 2 B777/200ER.
But at this time it seems likely to me they will keep them also for next year.
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RE: Very Interesting News From Italy

Fri Mar 15, 2002 1:15 am

Hey Airblue,

Interesting report!

Small remark: Thomas Cook only flies to A320, not the B737!

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RE: Very Interesting News From Italy

Fri Mar 15, 2002 1:43 am

Thanx for the news Airblue!
A small addition: Alitalia has definitively decided to sell the charter division Eurofly. It was reported on Italian major newspaper "Corriere della Sera"; there was also a report of a possible aircraft leasing from AF (not specified if long-haul or short-haul) , while AZ is returning to service 5 Md-82 previously put in store after 9/11.


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RE: Very Interesting News From Italy

Fri Mar 15, 2002 5:02 am

"QATAR AIRWAYS with effect June 16th. 2002 will add four weekly rotations from Milan Mxp to Muscat with A320."

Qatar Airways will fly DOH-MXP (Doha - Milan)with the A300-622R 4x weekly and not MCT-MXP (Muscat - Milan) with the A320.
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RE: Very Interesting News From Italy

Fri Mar 15, 2002 7:39 am

Also, US Airways is returning to daily PHL-FCO service on A330-300 as of this week (March 13). It has been 5x weekly since September 11.

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RE: Very Interesting News From Italy

Fri Mar 15, 2002 11:41 am

Thanks for the news!

Any of you know something about the FCO-MEX-FCO operated by Alitalia. I heard this route was going to be open... but what happen? Suppously it was going to be open on March 2002, but nothing yet.

Also what about the MEX-MXP-MEX route.. by AeroMexico, the same was going to be open on March 2002, and still waiting...

Someone know something about this?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Ricardo Morales  Smile APM
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RE: Very Interesting News From Italy

Fri Mar 15, 2002 6:51 pm

I don't think AZ will fly to MEX from FCO with owns plane very soon.
It's likely Aeromexico will start a flight to FCO or MXP.
But now no news are available.
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RE: Very Interesting News From Italy

Fri Mar 15, 2002 8:21 pm

Is the PHL-FCO market so big?

Why both Cathay and Singapore Airlns aren't interested in MXP? At least Cathay could extend the service from FCO with a stop in Milan.
Also Korean, being AZ SkyTeam partner, could catch up some connection flight to Australia from Seoul. Service from north Italy to far east Asia are almost non-existent, after AZ withdraw from HKG (Japan excluded).
Anyone have any clue?


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