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CX Flight With A SR MD-11 ?!?

Fri Aug 27, 1999 7:13 am

In few days I will fly from Zurich to Hong Kong and I bought a Cathay Pacific ticket. For this flight I will board a Cathay Pacific A340.
I received my ticket and I have just discovered that for the return I will fly a Swissair MD-11 !!

There is something that I don't understand : CX belongs to Oneworld alliance and SR has its own Qualiflyer Group. How can those 2 airlines reach an agreement ??

I bought a CX ticket. What will happen if I don't want to fly an MD-11 ?? Will Swissair be obliged to find me a flight on a Cathay Pacific plane (and pay a night in a hotel if the next flight with CX is the following day) ??


RE: CX Flight With A SR MD-11 ?!?

Fri Aug 27, 1999 7:40 am

Just because SR and CX are members of competing alliances doesn't mean they can't have a separate relationship for a specific route, such as ZRH-HKG. As for your dislike for the MD-11, I would doubt CX will pick up the tab. They are more likely to refund your ticket and invite you to contact a carrier whose codeshare partners/equipment choices are more to your liking.

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Fri Aug 27, 1999 11:13 am

Swissair also codeshares with Qantas and has just started with American, two founding members of oneworld, so the Cathay codeshare is not unique.

Also, from experience working for QF, i know we for one would not automatically rebook you on another flight just because you dont like the operating aircraft type unless you had an extreme reason (eg we used to rebook passengers from the Shorts 360 to the Dash8 quite a bit due to the fact that the SH6 was unpressurised if pax had valid medical evidence). For a start you have entered into a contract which will have a paragraph stating something like "the carrier reserves the right to substitute aircraft or airline, and schedules are subject to change without notice". It is unfortunate that you feel cheated, but as far as i am aware you have no legal come back to CX. Sorry!

p.s. Swissair is a fantastic airline, and the MD11 is a fantastic aircraft - so sit back, relax and enjoy the flight  
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RE: CX Flight With A SR MD-11 ?!?

Fri Aug 27, 1999 3:29 pm


I don't see why you think Swissair should be obliged to rebook you and give you a night in a hotel. You bought a CX ticket and it's Cathay's agreement with SR which seems to bother you, not the other way around.

Generally, SR are very transparent about how they deal with codeshare flights. Once you know the system, it is obvious when buying a SR ticket, if a flight will really be on an SR plane or not. eg

SR001-SR999 Swissair
SR3000-SR3999 Crossair
SR5000-SR5999 Swissair Express (eg Debonair)
SR8000-SR8499 Delta
SR8500-SR8559 Tyrolean
SR8560-SR8999 Other airlines
SR9300-SR9499 Sabena
SR9500- Other airlines

In the printed SR timetable, every codeshare flight is clearly marked with such a number plus, in brackets, the actual airline flying if not SR.

So, SR9660 is ZRH-HKG but flown by CX (as CX290), whilst SR172 is ZRH-HKG flown by SR (but is CX 1290). Maybe CX also has a special numbering policy (not the prefixed 1 on the flight number),

So don't blame Swissair in this case. And don't worry about flying on an MD-11. Just enjoy it.

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RE: CX Flight With A SR MD-11 ?!?

Sun Aug 29, 1999 10:21 pm

Swissair are moving closer to joining OneWorld. As to how that will effect Qualiflyer I really do not know.

As you ticket will have "Issued by Cathay Pacific" at the top left of the coupons, you will be able to choose a CX flight(A340) or a codeshare flight using an SR MD11 .
There is no way SR or CX will pay accomodation costs just because you dont happen to like the aircraft.
Its good that you found out all this before you flew, because I know of angry passengers who get to the airport and only then find out they happen to be flying on another airline or aircraft that they dont happen to like. As a former employee in the airline industry, it used to be a common problem here in Australia where passengers were not informed of codeshare arrangements. That has changed though.