Southwest 737's Brain Teaser

Sat Aug 28, 1999 12:05 am

Southwest Airlines did not always fly just 737's. About 20 years ago they had another type aircraft in Southwest livery. I flew on it out of Austin TX back in the early 80's. Anybody else see it or know the answer?
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RE: Southwest 737's Brain Teaser

Sat Aug 28, 1999 12:07 am

it was probably a B727, if not a dc-9
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RE: Southwest 737's Brain Teaser

Sat Aug 28, 1999 12:16 am

It was a B727-227. I flew on one of them on 8/1/84. I flew from HOU to MSY on N564PE. I was surprised to see that it had the regular Southwest interior instead of the PeoplExpress interior. Since it was a short-term lease from PeoplExpress I don't understand why they would go to the expense of changing the seats. Didn't they just have to change them again when they returned the aircraft to PeoplExpress?

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RE: Why, The 727! ! !

Sat Aug 28, 1999 12:20 am

Of course it was the 727. It had a very brief service with SWA. As Southwest chose newer, more economical 737s over the 727.

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RE: Southwest 737's Brain Teaser

Sat Aug 28, 1999 8:24 am

Not just a B 727-227, it was N406BN. Southwest got it in an out-of-court settlement with Braniff for Braniff's anti-trust violations against Southwest in its early days.

It was an experiment to see if they could use a larger aircraft. At the time the B737-2H4s all had 118 seats so they put 155 in the 727.

They elected to forego larger aircraft, it was too hard to turn them in 10 minutes and the hassle at getting crews type certified was a pain. In addition, if you had a plane full (155 folks) and the thing had a heckuva time cramming 155 people in a 118 seat replacement aircraft.