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Sun Mar 17, 2002 12:24 pm

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I worked for Lufthansa for a while, so I am really interested what your honest opinion is on the airline as it is today:

- Do you like the service?
- How do you like the corporate identity of Lufthansa?
- What's your opinion on safety, fleet, facilities?
- What could be improved?
- Was it a wise decision to order 15 Airbus A380?

Lufthansa tried pretty hard to improve their image since they were nearly bankrupt in 1991.
Do you think it was successful?
Please state if and how often you personally flew on Lufthansa!

Thanks for your opinion.

RE: Lufthansa-Poll

Sun Mar 17, 2002 2:28 pm

@1: Yes the service is alright. No problems there.
@2: Not bad.
@3: Safety, fleet and facilities are top notch. No doubt about it.
@4: Install PTVs in economy class.
@5: Why not ? If they see the demand, I think it cool. And they probably know more about aviation than we, so I guess it was a good decision for them.

About the image: Ok with many people the have the reputation to be "cold" but very professional. Their safety record is good and they provide their customers with another flight or free accommodation, etc. if a flight is cancelled.

Don't know how often I flew on LH but I guess it's about 4 longhaul roundtrips and, one European roundtrip and many German domestic roundtrips.

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RE: Lufthansa-Poll

Sun Mar 17, 2002 6:25 pm

Lufthansa staff is unfriendly (which I can understand since LH doesn't treat them well), the c/s is boring (what about blue engines with the logo and blue belly?) , service is very very bad on domestic flights quite good on long haul flights, first and business class seats are good although I prefer the SAS A340 ones.
fleet is alright.
The economy class seats are really bad - no inflight entertainment.
A good airline for long haul flights (in business and first class) a bad airline for domestic flights.
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RE: Lufthansa-Poll

Sun Mar 17, 2002 6:58 pm

Domestic/short-haul service is not very good, I agree. I only had one long-haul on LH, service was okay.
I like the LH corporate identity very much. It's the only white livery that looks good, imho. And the blue/yellow crane on the tail is very popular and well-known among passengers, I think. Btw, I've never seen an airline washing their aircraft more often than LH does.
LH's safety figures are very good, and their huge maintenance facilities do a good job.

The whole A380 program is nonsense, imho. As for LH ordering 15 A380: Please show me 10 daily routes where the 744 is not big enough - you won't! I guess it's just a sort of status symbol for LH, showing everybody what a huge airline they are.

LH staff is sometimes really arrogant. Most(!) of them think they're something better, just because they work for LH. When I sit behind the check-in counter and some LH staff comes to open the counter next to mine without even saying "good morning"... once I opened my counter and said "good morning" to that LH lady, it took her 5 seconds, than I heard a really impolite "grrr! mornin". I'm so glad that I don't work for LH!

ps: Note that I'm talking about "most LH staff". Some of them are really freindly.
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RE: Lufthansa-Poll

Sun Mar 17, 2002 7:03 pm

I think Lufthansa's service is really good, especially on long-haul flights. On short-haul and domestic flights it is average, but in my opinion not worse than on any other major European carrier I know.

I really like the corporate identity. Since the logo hasn't changed for a long time, there is a high extent of identification.

Safety and fleet are top. This is proved by many statistics.

About the A 380: I'm not sure on which routes Lufthansa wants to use such a large plane, but I think when they decided to order it, they should know what they do.

I think the image of Lufthansa has really improved during the last years. Especially people who often fly with Lufthansa are normally content. Many people complaining about Lufthansa haven't flown with them for a long time.
But of course you have to say that you can always make good or bad experiences with a big company. My experiences with Lufthansa were all good ones.

I flew with Lufthansa twice on long-haul and several times domestic or within Europe.
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RE: Lufthansa-Poll

Sun Mar 17, 2002 7:22 pm

- Do you like the service?

- How do you like the corporate identity of Lufthansa?

- What's your opinion on safety, fleet, facilities?
Safety: Great:
Fleet: Does it matter?
Facilities: You mean on board? I think they are below the likes of Singaproe Airlines. The First Class isn;t that good. Business Class I haven't seen but I assume it's "the norm". Do Y Class have PTVs?

- What could be improved?
The colours in Y Class and if they don't already, put PTVs in.

- Was it a wise decision to order 15 Airbus A380?
Yes to cater for future growth and complement fellow Star Alliance airlines' aircraft like SIA's A380s. Also, they can innovate faster than others with the extra space
Anyone can fly, only the best Soar.

RE: Lufthansa-Poll

Sun Mar 17, 2002 8:51 pm

For those mentioning the poor service on domestics, please name an airline that provides you with more in economy on 40 minute flights on big airplanes (A321, A310, ...)
This is not only a Lufthansa problem. So I wouldn't rate domestic flights at all.
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RE: Lufthansa-Poll

Sun Mar 17, 2002 9:08 pm

When it comes to service, I guess it depends what you mean. Although LH staff are not unfriendly, they are not exactly the most outgoing friendly F/A's I have ever met. However, they are very professional, and the Airline's reliability (by me, anyway) is excellent. In my book, reliability comes out above friendliness of cabin staff, so LH gets high points there.

I like the corporate identitiy of always comes across as a very profesional airline, from the color scheme to the stationery...I think they do a very good job in that area.

I think they are a very safe airline, I always feel very secure when boarding, and I like the fleet a whole lot...the A320 family was very nice, as well as the 744, and the LH Team aircraft that I have been on, too. Frankfurt and Munich airports were great choices for hubs, and are very well laid out.

I think the meal service could be improved upon a bit, as well as the cabin staff...but there are no major holes anywhere.

IMO, the A380 is rather unnecessary with the 744s in service...but I really don't like the A380...I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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RE: Lufthansa-Poll

Sun Mar 17, 2002 11:30 pm

I think everything is really good with Lufthansa. Safety, interiors, destinations, meals, service, fleet, etc. Im also glad that they are getting A380s  Big thumbs up
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RE: Lufthansa-Poll

Sun Mar 17, 2002 11:46 pm

- Do you like the service?

Yes. Very good - excellent overall service.

- How do you like the corporate identity of Lufthansa?

I like it a lot... but sometimes I think that a change in the livery might not be a bad idea.

- What's your opinion on safety, fleet, facilities?

Excellent safety record. Very modern, environmentally friendly and well-maintained fleet.

- What could be improved?

Some gate agents and f/a are a bit too rigid - I prefer the younger (generally nicer) ones to the older ones.
Inflight catering on certain flights. More frequency on certain European routes. African route network.

- Was it a wise decision to order 15 Airbus A380?

I think so.

- Lufthansa tried pretty hard to improve their image since they were nearly bankrupt in 1991.
Do you think it was successful?

Yes. Very much so.

- Please state if and how often you personally flew on Lufthansa!

About 31 flights in economy within Europe within the last 2 years.  Wink/being sarcastic

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RE: Lufthansa-Poll

Mon Mar 18, 2002 8:47 am

Thanks everybody!

I will forward the result of this little poll to the Lufthansa PR department!
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RE: Lufthansa-Poll

Mon Mar 18, 2002 12:07 pm

Hello !

I've just been to NYC for a week and I took LH 404 from Frankfurt to JFK and back with LH 401... Nice flights !

1/Service is quite good... but like other carriers. In business class the meal service is quite too long... (I've been upgraded on LH 404)
2/Corporate identity: in my opinion the logo could be "updated" but the colors (yellow, blue, gray) are OK
3/Safety, fleet and facilities: good...
4/Could be improved: the boarding facilities in Frankfurt are a terrible mess !!! Two boarding flights on the same time (LH to JFK and UA to Chicago) made a mess in the boarding room between LH staff, UA staff and all the PAX !... PTV's in Y class
5/ A380 : like major airlines... LH has to be in the trip !

Anyway, I've made two nice flights, no delays and even a lot ahead of time !

Best regards,

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RE: Lufthansa-Poll

Mon Mar 18, 2002 12:25 pm

I have flown Lufthansa 3 times but all transatlantic. They were great! Food, service,f/a all were great! But I also dont see where they need 380's! Waste of money which they dont have!
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RE: Lufthansa-Poll

Mon Mar 18, 2002 3:32 pm

Lufthansa is boring. Lacks a character compared to other Eurorpean majors.
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RE: Lufthansa-Poll

Mon Mar 18, 2002 3:47 pm


- Do you like the service?
- How do you like the corporate identity of Lufthansa?
- What's your opinion on safety, fleet, facilities?
- What could be improved?
- Was it a wise decision to order 15 Airbus A380?
1. Yes I liked it very much so! They removed the drunken passenger right away from my seat.

2. Ok

3. Secuirty not safe enough(back in 2000), Planes are in great condition, and they facilities are excellent.

4. The food on the planes, The bread is extremly hard.

5. Possbiley, time will tell.
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RE: Lufthansa-Poll

Mon Mar 18, 2002 5:41 pm

My experiences with LH are based on a couple of business-related domestic flights each year within the recent years. So I cannot and will not comment on their long range service, since all I could say about this would be based on the perception of others.

This is my impression of LH's domestic services:

Q1: I think, LH's service is average. Whenever possible, I am trying to use one of their partner airlines like Augsburg Airlines or Eurowings, because catering is generally much better and on-board personal tends to crack a smile now and then. Both are things I miss at LH's mainline service, and those are little things which make you feel a little special as a PAYING customer (whose comapny pays outrageous ticket fares most of the time).
If there would be a choice and/ or I would have to pay for it, I would possibly try out LH's competition and decide, which offers me better VFM. Actually, becuase of those facts mentioned before, I am always going for Skyteam when flying with tickets I have to pay myself.
I really like their E-check in facilities though. The automatized baggage check-in at FRA is a blast and should be introduced at other airports, too.

Q2: The corporate identity looks very sleek and professional. They way Terminal 1A is designed in FRA inside and outside really shows some class.

Q3: Fleet is very modern, although I have to say that from a passenger's point of view, the older 733's are kind of dark inside.
Like I said, I like their E-check in facilities and T1A in FRA is pretty neat. Well, actually I would also say this about Terminal A in DUS. One thing I don't like about LH's facilities in MUC is that they don't announce boarding in the domestic/ non-Schengen area. Makes me nervous, if I will miss my flight.
I guess, safety is alright, although this is something I expect from a European carrier.

Q4: Change that LH-attitude among some of the staff. Treat your customers like guest and not numbers. Use a little more color with the aircraft interior, e.g. how about blue seats instead of grey ones. Blue is also part of LH'S corporate identity, so no identification problems here.

Q5: It will be in the long term. And I gues s that LH got a pretty good deal for ordering the 380 in a time of crisis.

Setjet, thanks for asking our opinion. I really enjoyed anserwing. I only wish your communicationd epartment would listen. But I guess, a company like LH is just too big to change its attitude towards certain things. Which is really a shame, because LH could become the real "world's favorite airline".

Homer: Facts are meaningless. You could use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true!
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RE: B737-700 & Poll

Mon Mar 18, 2002 6:28 pm


Just in my part of the world, I can pull off at least two carriers. Air New Zealand and to a lesser extent Qantas, provide much more service than LH on short hops. Ansett did provide much more service, probably just as much if not more as NZ (depending on when you flew).

Flying NZ between WLG & CHC really impresses you with how quickly a full hot dinner can be served.

I agree with the comments that the regional partners of LH are better. Certainly my experience on Augsburg Airways was excellent. Even though it was on a small F50, it had service that outshone all of my other short haul LH legs.

My overall take on LH.

- Do you like the service?

It's ok. Nothing great, probably towards the no frills end of the market for full service carriers in Economy. Still they have nice small simple touches such as pre boarding tetra paks. Food tastes not too bad, but is simple in nature (eg. no fancy offerings, extravagant desserts, etc). Service is ok, you get the cold 'prison matrons' at times, but you also find some wonderful staff. Ground staff probably are less impressive than air crew.

- How do you like the corporate identity of Lufthansa?

Smart looking and still looks clean after all these years.

- What's your opinion on safety, fleet, facilities?

Excellent. LH are a very professional outlet, and few people would argue with the expertise and professionalism of LH Technik.

- What could be improved?

Service and product. The Economy Class product and Business Class product are below average. Business Class is probably one of the poorest in the Star Alliance, with its seating arrangement (less pitch). I would prefer extra legroom in Economy, as it is not nice to have people's toes poke in between the seats on your armrest Big grin Still, others may prefer PTVs.

- Was it a wise decision to order 15 Airbus A380?

We shall see, but I think time will probably prove this to be the case as air traffic levels grow beyond September 11 levels.


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RE: Lufthansa-Poll

Mon Mar 18, 2002 10:43 pm

I flew LH last year, AMS-FRA-BOS and back.
I got to fly on the 747-200 and the A340.

I found there service not too bad at all.
FA's where friendly and caring.
the only problem was that their inflight entertainment sucks. Big grin

I also requested cockpit visits on all flights and hehe got them every time Big grin the pilots where very friendly too.

LH a good airline indeed.

Lufthansa Service Award!

Tue Mar 19, 2002 12:24 am

American Academy of Hospitality Sciences honors German airline

The Five Star Diamond Award, which the renowned American Academy of Hospitality Sciences has presented to Lufthansa this year in recognition of outstanding quality and services, was accepted by Thierry Antinori, Executive Vice President Sales of Lufthansa Passage Airline, yesterday evening in Berlin.
On the occasion of the International Tourism Exchange (ITB), the prize presentation was held in the renowned Hotel Adlon am Brandenburger Tor. Joseph Cinque, Chief Executive Officer of the Academy, handed over the award during the festivities.
Thierry Antinori expressed his delight at the international award: "For us, this prize is a welcome recognition of our previous quality and our customer service. For us, both are an important and strategic differentiation factor. With our high-class service and product quality, we clearly set ourselves apart from the competition."

The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences has been presenting the award since 1989 in recognition of the services rendered by airlines, hotels, restaurants, star- rated chefs, vine-growing estates and ocean cruise companies worldwide. The academy is made up of experts from the tourism sector such as travel journalists, hotel directors and chefs as well as members of the international finance industry.
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RE: Lufthansa-Poll

Tue Mar 19, 2002 12:52 am

- Do you like the service?
Long Distance - Not qualified to comment.
Inter Europe 2-3 hours duration -service compared very favorably to US domestic service.
- How do you like the corporate identity of Lufthansa?
The corporate identity is very favorable.
- What's your opinion on safety, fleet, facilities?
Safety - Not qualified to comment.
Fleet - Good.
Facilities - Good.
Other - Impressive route network.
- What could be improved?
Drop Star Alliance, join Oneworld  Smile/happy/getting dizzy More FF mileage agreements with US carriers.
- Was it a wise decision to order 15 Airbus A380?
Not qualified to comment.
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Although I Did Not Fly Them...

Tue Mar 19, 2002 1:51 am

I was at LAX and a LH 744 landed from FRA, well first off I think that the staff is VERY friendly. I spoke to some flight attendants in German (I am only a student of German) and they were very nice and spoke to me. It's not like they igonred me, although not all of them were young they weren't old like most people say. I think that LH crews are friendly. Also I have seen how they work at check-in, then do everything quickly and in an orderly way.
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RE: Lufthansa-Poll

Tue Mar 19, 2002 2:12 am

1- Do you like the service?
2- How do you like the corporate identity of Lufthansa?
3- What's your opinion on safety, fleet, facilities?
4- What could be improved?
5- Was it a wise decision to order 15 Airbus A380?

1: Service is not that good. Compared to other european carriers above average but not comparable to asian carriers like CX and SQ! Inner europeanservice is good.
2: LH colours are good. Their design is simple but modern.
3: Safety is great LH Technik has a excellent reputation and many major Airlines use their service. Cockpit crews are excellent trained. Fleet is modern and in excellent shape. Their facilities are modern and functionable.
4: Inflight entertainment and concourse B at FRA ( they are working on it)
5: Yes LH can fill up an A380 on routes like Singapore-FRA Tokyo-FRA Los Angeles-FRA and some more.
The A380 is a symbol for modern aviation and LH is a modern carrier

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RE: Lufthansa-Poll

Tue Mar 19, 2002 5:45 am

The flight attendants are friendly (reconsidered my statement earlier) but the missing inflight entertainment s u x ...quite boring .
Legroom is good on domestic flights - service is better on AUA and Crossair.
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RE: Lufthansa-Poll

Tue Mar 19, 2002 6:43 am

oh well, seems i´m not coming around this one. i was hesitating to participate in this one since i like LH very much (grew with it, sort of) and my opinion might be prejudiced, although i always claim to be objective...
who knows...

- Do you like the service?
that depends: business class is excellent, imo, nice seats, nice choice of meals. never experienced any unfriendly, unattentive and cold-hearted FAs up front.
however, in the back it´s different. i really dislike LH´s economy on long-hauls, where service should be improved (meal choice, more attention by FAs).

Lufthansa´s got the best chocolates!!! no way to beat ´em there!!!!!!!!

- How do you like the corporate identity of Lufthansa?
i think LH has a very modern and professional identity. their website, their counters, their facilities.
i agree that LH´s livery is the only all-white livery which looks nice, however, more color and perhaps more grey on the belly should update the look. they should ask me: take a look at SAS and do the job even better and don´t take ideas from bmi!!!

- What's your opinion on safety, fleet, facilities?
safety is top notch. i think when it comes to safety, LH has one of the highest reputations worldwide.
fleet: something´s gonna happen to the 737s rather soon, i suppose, they´re getting old.
they need a mid-size longhaul aircraft, something like the A330-200.

- What could be improved?
i´m no one who´s into videogames and stuff, but they should improve the IFE. add some nice PTVs in the back for the kids and increase the choice of movies, and get it done with Connexion.

- Was it a wise decision to order 15 Airbus A380?
well, time will tell. however, LH claims they could fill the A380 on some routes already today, and so i do think that the A380 fits into the fleet.

Lufthansa tried pretty hard to improve their image since they were nearly bankrupt in 1991.
Do you think it was successful?

well, if it wasn´t succesful, then Lufthansa wouldn´t have returned massive profits from ´97 to 2000 and wouldn´t have been the most profitable european airline of ´99 and 2000. what do you think?

Please state if and how often you personally flew on Lufthansa!
i don´t know exactly how often i flew them. usually, only on longhauls and mainly transatlantic. just a few domestic hops. but one could say at least once year.


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RE: Lufthansa-Poll

Tue Mar 19, 2002 8:58 am

Johnnybgoode, a livery update was planned before the 11.9. , and we might see an A330 order soon, so with a bit of luck 2 of your wishes could come true quite soon  Big grin

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