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Airline Pilot's Life

Tue Aug 31, 1999 2:12 am

I was just wondering what the life is like as an airline pilot. How long are you away from home? How long is training when you upgrade? Are you paid during this training period, if so, generally how much? How much is a starting salary at your perticular airline? Ending (for lack of a better way to put it) salary?

Anything else petinant would be appreciated.

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RE: Airline Pilot's Life

Tue Aug 31, 1999 2:30 am

I am not an airline pilot but you seemed very concerned about money. There is a saying in aviation which is:
You can make a lot of money in aviation but you need to start of with even more.

Pilots are not paid that bad but all those hours of sweeting for the tests and all the hard work you have to put in to get you certificates makes it seem even less.

In the UK you have to take 6 written tests to get you private. You have to take 11 for you commercail and all of these are hours and hours worth of studying. What I am trying to say here is that you will need to love aviation to make it there and that means that you could get paid Mc Donalds wages and still do it.