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American Airlines And The Internet

Tue Aug 31, 1999 12:08 pm

Hi There

For those of you on here who are into flightsims as well, Im sure you are aware of the well know flight sim site, There was recently an article on there about AA wanting all things with the AA logo on the site to be removed. Here is an section of that article explaining roughly what is going on.


FlightSim.Com president Nels Anderson had a lengthy phone conversation with the lawyer in an attempt to resolve and clarify the issue. During this conversation it became clear that American Airlines is making a concerted attempt to remove all unauthorized use of their logos everywhere on the Internet. They were quit familiar with flightsim activities and made it clear that flightsim use of their logo, including the repainting of flightsim aircraft, was not allowed. The ban includes logos currently in use, historic logos and logos of their subsidiary American Eagle.


For more information on this issue, here is the URL for that article:

As you can see from this article, there is a good chance that it could possibly affect this site as well.



RE: American Airlines And The Internet

Tue Aug 31, 1999 3:50 pm

This particular crisis appears to be in the process of being resolved in a manner to benefit the flightsim community.

Please see for more info.

(Yes, I know web addresses aren't allowed, but I thought it was better than quoting the whole reports on that web page. I hope no one is offended.)

--Tom H.