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New Indian Airline Being Launched.

Tue Mar 26, 2002 9:10 pm


India's air travellers will have the choice of a fourth domestic carrier from May.

The airline known as North Star Aviation was formed by a group of Indian pilots living in the US and will initially serve at least 20 destinations.

"There is enough room for another airline since the country of one billion people has just three airlines,'' Captain Rajiv Jha, chairman and managing director of North Star Aviation told the BBC.

India already has three domestic carriers - Jet Airways which has a 40% market share, Air Sahara with about 8% and state run Indian Airlines which controls the rest.

Captain Rajiv Jha was a former pilot with Indian Airlines. The new airline will launch at a time when there has been an overall decline in air travel in India.

Both Indian Airlines and Jet Airways have reported passenger load factors below last year's levels. But Captain Jha is undeterred by the downturn.

"There's been 4% to 6% annual growth," he said adding the industry had shown incredible "resilience" after the US attacks. North Star plans to launch with a fleet of five Airbus 320s or Boeing 737s.

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RE: New Indian Airline Being Launched.

Tue Mar 26, 2002 11:55 pm

Do we have any idea what type of route strucure this airline will operate with? Also, which equipment does it favor?
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