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New 747

Sat Oct 31, 1998 1:16 am

I have read and heard of several new 747 designs that are going to be offered to the airlines. Would anyone know the particular specs on these aircraft or have an inside scoop from someone working on them?
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RE: New 747

Sat Oct 31, 1998 3:45 am

I know that a new 747 called 747-500/-600 X is in project, but I didn't see it.
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RE: New 747

Sat Oct 31, 1998 1:57 pm

Airlines want Boeing to make a long range Boeing 747-400 after seeing the Airbus A340-500 being launched which now has the most longest range than any other aircraft.

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RE: New 747

Sun Nov 01, 1998 12:28 am

Boeing is designing the 747-400LRX. it is a 747-200 fuselage mated to the wing of the 77-400F. It is like a passenger versoin of the -400F.
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RE: ba

Sun Nov 01, 1998 2:31 am

ba needs some thing biger then the 747-400-500-600.

RE: ba

Sun Nov 01, 1998 5:22 am

No they don't!! They like doing more then one flight to places per day so they can have more times!