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Is One Etops Alternate Never Enough?

Wed Mar 27, 2002 9:20 am


In the above post I discussed how well we could get along without Midway and Johnston Island. The question now is, suppose Midway and Johnston are gone, and Majuro hasn't replaced them. A Hawaii-to-Japan flight can do okay with 180-minute ETOPS as long as Wake is available, but what if Wake has bad weather on a given day? HNL-NRT is 3318.7 nm on the "great circle", but if neither Wake or the other alternates is open a very long detour will be required. Does this effectively preclude scheduling a twin on the route?

Details on the detour: if the Aleutian airfields are gone (and they're all endangered, aren't they?) then the HNL-NRT flight would have to head south. I'm guessing they would have to stay within 1167 nm of HNL/KOA and then Faleolo, Nadi, Efate, Port Moresby, and Agana-- but if anyone knows better let's hear it. The above route adds up to 5236 nm, via

5.588795N, 169.805176W
1.744230N, 176.160747E
1.282597N, 172.999917E
1.257367N, 163.532171E
3.582313N, 161.745202E

Same question in the South Atlantic: http://www.airliners.net/discussions/general_aviation/read.main/764781/

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