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SAS - Web Check In

Wed Mar 27, 2002 6:20 pm

In conjunction with the introduction of the Scandinavian Direct concept, SAS will present a new website that enables bookings to be conducted more easily and provides opportunities for a Web-based check-in for all passengers traveling on electronic tickets. SAS is also introducing a number of new electronic ticket options, including Travel Pass, which will be valid throughout the Nordic region.

New SMS service to meet traffic disruptions
SAS is also launching a new information service to assist during traffic disruptions. In the event of a delay, information is sent via SMS to booked customers, who gain better control over their travel plans and can use their time more efficiently.

With Scandinavian Direct, SAS will minimize the number of controls encountered by passengers before the departure gate is reached. A simple and timesaving solution.

SAS’s focus on self-service is continuing and the number of automatic check-in units is being increased at the same time as it becomes possible to also check-in via the SAS website through a so-called Web check-in.

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