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American And Ohare?

Wed Sep 01, 1999 1:58 pm

How many gates is American currently using at O'hare? Also is it true that United terminals at Ohare were finished in 1988? They seem much newer than this.



RE: American And Ohare?

Wed Sep 01, 1999 7:36 pm

American's terminal in O'hare has 47 gates,(concourses L,H and K)but some of the gates can acomodate 2 flts. at once, ie. 6a,6b and11a ,11b. Eagle operates out of concourse G and has 21 gates.I,m really not sure about United's terminal being finished in 88 but i've always heard it is "state of the art". FernAAndo
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RE: American And Ohare?

Wed Sep 01, 1999 11:17 pm

United's terminal at O'Hare was indeed completed in 1988. Actually, part of the terminal opened and was operational in the summer of 1987, but it was not fully finished and occupied until 1988.

It is, in my opinion, one of the nicest and most modern airline terminals. And they've been improving it lately by replacing the standard airport fast food places with well-known restaurants. Sales at most of these restaurants are about three times what they were with the previous food outlets.
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RE: American And Ohare?

Thu Sep 02, 1999 12:59 am

I have fond memories of the opening. I was a college student in Chicago during that time, and I was amazed and honored to have been among the first passengers to pass through in the fall of 1987.

Been back many times since, and it is still among the nicest terminals in the world, bar none.
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RE: American And Ohare?

Thu Sep 02, 1999 6:58 am

Oh yes, I like American's terminal at O'Hare. It looks modern, neat, and going through O'Hare is convenient. O'Hare is one of American's main hubs, their hub is almost as big as that of United. They have nearly 1000 departures and arrivals (including their regional subsidiary American Eagle) a day. It's a lot of fun walking around at O'Hare. I like going through O'Hare, that's what I always do when I fly American from Brussels. AMERICAN MEANS BUSINESS IN CHICAGO.

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RE: American And Ohare?

Thu Sep 02, 1999 8:23 am

AA is also frustrated with ORD. In any other non slot airport AA would have matched UA's number of flights or surpassed them. The slot situation is really frustrating for them,as I am sure it is frustrating for UA. And the last time I remembered UA still uses some of its old gates in Terminal 2. UA has around or close to 500 departures a day,kind of hard to that in Terminal 1 with its 42 gates alone.