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AA's A300 in South America

Fri Dec 11, 1998 2:21 pm

Does any body know what happened to American Airlines'
A300-600Rs? They used to send them to south america and
i don't see them anymore. I travel to Lima, Peru quite often
and I have arrived there with 757's. I did notice, however, that
Continental, United and Delta ALSO fly 757's to Lima, Peru. I used
to travel on the A300s to S.A. and was wondering what happened
to them. Did American relocate/reallocate them else where?
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RE: AA's A300 in South America

Fri Dec 11, 1998 3:05 pm

AA has what's left of them on European routes.
But the latin america routes are now served by 767
and 757's. The Airbus will be gone by 2000.

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