Finnair & Iberia Join Oneworld

Thu Sep 02, 1999 5:02 am

Finnair and Iberia officially joined oneworld as of today, September 1st. The oneworld website has been updated to accomodate the two new airlines. Finnair and Iberia both debuted new formats on their websites. Also some aspects of frequent flyer programs, specifially at Finnair, have been changed. Finnair now has 4 levels instead of three, to put itself in line with oneworld. The system now goes: Plus (startup membership), Silver (60,000 points within 12 month tracking period, equal to oneworld Ruby level) Gold (120,000 points within tracking period, equal to Sapphire), and Platinum (250,000 points within tracking period, equal to oneworld Emerald)

Finnair has started a contest to mark this occasion. Members of oneworld frequent flyer programs who make a flight between 01OCT and 31DEC of this year will be entered in to a contest for 1,000,000 Finnair Plus points, which can be converted into any oneworld FF account. You are entered in once for each qualifying segment on a eligible flight (ie if you flew a Finnair Helsinki-Bangkok-Singapore flight, you would be entered twice) More info available from Finnair's website.

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RE: Finnair & Iberia Join Oneworld

Thu Sep 02, 1999 6:44 am

That's right. Now that Iberia and Finnair are part of the One World alliance, One World is made of 7 airlines. The other 5 are American, British Airways, Canadian, Cathay and Qantas. I'm currently Ruby at One World (Gold at American). I believe Lan Chile will also join One World in the near future.

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