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Getting A PPL

Sat Mar 30, 2002 1:48 pm

Which is the best (and cheapest) place to get a Private Pilots License? Nothing too fancy (like no Jet qualification), just to be able to fly a single engine piston. ANd will I be able to complete my certification (60 hrs in India) and all req. exams in a month or 2 months?

I hear UK is pretty good for this, but is it affordable? And how do Canada, Australia and the US figure in this aspect?

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RE: Getting A PPL

Sat Mar 30, 2002 3:19 pm

People from the UK often come to the US because it is significantly cheaper.
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RE: Getting A PPL

Sat Mar 30, 2002 8:01 pm

The US is much cheaper and the weather is a lot better. You should be able to do everything in 3-4 weeks, but its hard work within that time.

Buy a magazine such as 'pilot' (if you can get it in India)and see all of the adverts for schools in the US, Florida is a good place to learn.