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Ex-Wardair A310's?

Fri Sep 03, 1999 12:16 am

Does anyone know which airlines now have the A310's that Wardair once had?
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RE: Ex-Wardair A310's?

Fri Sep 03, 1999 12:46 am


I think the CAF have a few?

I would like to know about C-GBWD.

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RE: Ex-Wardair A310's?

Fri Sep 03, 1999 7:16 am

I think most of the Wardair A310s now belong to the Canadian Government, although I am not sure if all of them do. I am not sure about C-GBWD, but I will check the registration whenever I see a 310 at the airport. I saw a CAF A310 a few weeks ago in Toronto, but I couldn't see the registration.

Adding To My First Answer...

Fri Sep 03, 1999 9:32 am

I was unsure if my first answer was correct, so I asked my father, and he said that after Canadian took Wardair's fleet, Canadian sold three A310s to the Canadian Government, and two went to Thai Airways. Thai also took Wardair's A300s. Thai has changed the registrations on the Airbuses, so I'm still not sure if C-GBWD went to Thai Airways, or the Canadian Government.

RE: Ex-Wardair A310's?

Fri Sep 03, 1999 11:20 am

OK, this is a little while ago now, but i remeber that when the original Compass Airlines was flying in Australia, it leased an ex-Wardair A310 for a short while, possibly before it went to Thai maybe??

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RE: Ex-Wardair A310's?

Fri Sep 03, 1999 5:59 pm

Compass definitely had at least one ex-Wardair A310. I think they only had one of the type cos some of their A300-600Rs were late - the A310 had a different livery.
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