Domestic Airlines Using International Facilities

Mon Apr 01, 2002 11:55 am


I haven't got a photo of it, but last week on thursday, something strange happened in Townsville {Australia}. It was the last international flight for QF, a 763 to BNE and SIN, but that is not what I am so concerned about. After the 763 departed at 1000, the domestic morning service from BNE {which departed BNE at 8 or 9am}arrived, a 762, and joined a delayed QF 717 going to SYD at the joint int.-dom. teminal. However, the domestic flight pulled up at the international aerobridge. Can anyone explain the rules/regulations concerning domestic aircraft utilising international facilities? I suspect that the 762 might have not had enough room to make its way past the 717 and park, and so took an alternative route to the terminal and parked at the international. This is a very bad description, I know I know, of what happened, so have a look at this pic of TSV airport:

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Photo © Thomas Madsen

Just imagine a QF 717 in place of the 737, and a 762 incoming toward the terminal. The 762 pulled into the apron via the taxiway leading up directly to the aerobridge and joined with the bridge.

Does anyone know about the rules, regulations, reasons or advantages there are which would permit or encourage this to happen?

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RE: Domestic Airlines Using International Facilities

Mon Apr 01, 2002 12:16 pm

I guess the regulations differ from country-to-coutry. In US, it's a common sight seeing domestic and international flights sharing a terminal. For most airports, having a dedicated international terminal can't be justified.

I was once at IAH on a 735 flight. It was parked next to KLM 744. Talked about being humbled by the beast...

RE: Domestic Airlines Using International Facilities

Mon Apr 01, 2002 12:42 pm

By the way, this is not a April 1st joke.

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RE: Domestic Airlines Using International Facilities

Mon Apr 01, 2002 3:21 pm

It's quite possible there may be no rules about this at all- just a practicality considering the airport's size. In Darwin, one of the gates is interchangeable from international to domestic... one minute a Royal Brunei 757 is using it, a few hours later an Ansett 737 is parked there (not a DPS flight). Pax just walk past the immigration desks from a side door if not required to be processed. Dated example, I know!

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