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Whats Up With All The Freight Flights At Clk?

Tue Apr 02, 2002 10:35 am

In the past week both Southern Air and Gemini Cargo have been doing daily flights to Hong Kong, why is there such a bid increase in freight from the States ?? Yesterday TWO Gemini MD-11's arrived, one at 5.00pm and one at 6.00pm. I dont think two have ever been to Hong Kong at the same time.

Starting today (02/04/02) Pacific East Asia Cargo have started flights again, this time with a MNG A300F.

This is the freight flights for today. NOTE: PR3145, CX2047 and TH3425 are operated for DHL. Also note the Southern Air and Gemini flight's dont seem to show on the airport site !!

00:30 PR 3145 Manila P A L
01:00 CX 2047 Seoul Cathay Pacific
01:30 TH 3425 Kuala Lumpur Transmile
05:15 FX 012 Subic Bay Federal Express
05:30 Q8 7811 Clark Pacific East Asia
06:15 SQ 7962 Singapore Singapore Airlines
07:15 CX 087 Los Angeles Cathay Pacific
07:25 CX 038 London Cathay Pacific
09:05 EK 9880 Dubai Emirates Airline
10:40 JL 6607 Tokyo Japan Airlines
11:30 KZ 201 Tokyo NCA
13:55 CX 005 Tokyo Cathay Pacific
15:35 KA 501 Amsterdam Dragonair
16:15 NW 915 Tokyo Northwest
17:00 5X 6996 Louisville UPS
17:50 FX 024 Penang Federal Express
18:00 TH 3421 Penang Transmile Air
18:05 SK 7981 Sharjah SAS/LH
18:10 LD 101 Osaka Air Hong Kong
18:30 FX 5152 Anchorage Federal Express
18:35 FX 5111 Memphis Federal Express
18:55 CI 331 Taipei China Airlines
19:30 CX 022 Sydney Cathay Pacific
20:25 AF 6790 Paris Air France
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RE: Whats Up With All The Freight Flights At Clk?

Tue Apr 02, 2002 12:40 pm

This shows just how much freight volume comes in and out of Hong Kong, and our Super Terminal 1, the biggest freight terminal building in the world.
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RE: Whats Up With All The Freight Flights At Clk?

Wed Apr 03, 2002 4:07 am

on 5 APR, FIDS shows that KA513 will arrive HKG from Taipei. I also notice all Atlas planes only carry blue tail.