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USAirways At Baltimore

Sat Sep 04, 1999 12:10 am

Anyone know what US Airways' presence is in Baltimore nowadays vs. a few years ago? With the build-up of Southwest and US's emphasis on PHL for international routes, I'm wondering if a retrenchment is continuing. On several routes I fly ocassionally, I've noticed Baltimore is no longer a connection choice, or routes have been downgraded to props.

Now that Southwest is coming here to Hartford, will USAirways Express stop its Dash 8 flights -- which previously were all jet?
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RE: USAirways At Baltimore

Sat Sep 04, 1999 4:07 am

Hi, I fuel at BWI and from what I know USAirways is losing out to Southwest, The construction out there is for a new Southwest only "B" pier which is going to be something like 16 gates versus the 9 they use now. I hear usair is eventually moving there bwi metrojet hub to Dulles. Don't know when though. They have dropped alot of flights-some gates don't even get used during the day.