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J Travolta's 707 Parked At The GA Terminal, Ha Ha!

Sat Sep 04, 1999 8:53 am

If anyone is interested in a rather amusing sight, go through the 707 photo library here and look at John Travolta's 707 (use the "keywords" field to narrow the search down to our winged thespian friend). The funny bit is that when he lands at an airport, they have to direct him somewhere to park. And since the flight is in many respects General Aviation, that is indeed where he parks and there are some photos of the plane surrounded by Cessna 152s and the odd Citation, and towering over a tiny GA terminal (which is usually just a waiting room with a few sofas, a customs guy in a broom cupboard and a small flight planning office). It looks ridiculous and kind of illustrates the overkill of using such a big jet as a private recreational plane. Obviously we'd all do the same if we had the money so when I talk about overkill and it being ridiculous, I'm not having a go at the guy, but that massive four-engined jet in such a setting is pretty silly.
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