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4/4/02 DL 764 At SAT

Fri Apr 05, 2002 2:03 am

On my way into the office this morning, I saw a Delta 767-400 landing... just wondering if anybody knew what it was doing here? Maintenence? Swap?

Also... about 2 months ago, there were 3 MD-88's sitting at a maintenence hangar (Dee Howard???)... then, just about 3 weeks ago, two of them left, but there's still the same one sitting in the same spot. Was wondering if those aircraft were being painted, or if they were temporarily taken out of service and parked here in SAT.

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RE: 4/4/02 DL 764 At SAT

Fri Apr 05, 2002 2:59 am

DL 9828 - according to

Operated CVG-ATL-SAT-SJC via 767-300.

Unfortunately no other insight on this flight...

I do believe DL contracted Dee to paint some of their planes to the new livery. A DL M11 was there at one point...
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RE: 4/4/02 DL 764 At SAT

Mon Apr 15, 2002 10:10 am

I just found out that my dad was the captain of this flight. He said he picked up some association in Hartford, CT and flew them to SAT and then flew back to ATL empty. I hope the landing was good.
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RE: 4/4/02 DL 764 At SAT

Thu Apr 18, 2002 5:09 am

Final 4 charter.... the 764 had University of Connecticut fans along with a 738....