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Why MD 80 Is Known As Mad Dog?

Sat Sep 04, 1999 11:18 pm

please answear... mad dog sounds cool though.
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Radio Transmissions

Mon Sep 06, 1999 2:43 pm

It comes from the prefix M-D and it's easier to say than MD-80 on the radio. It sounds juvenile, but for example, if Ground asks you to hold short of a taxiway to let an MD-80 pass, it's easier and quicker to respond, "Ok, we'll give way to the mad dog," than to say, "Ok, we'll give way to the MD-80." That's the only reason, and most pilots who commonly refer to MD-80s as mad dogs with any regularity are Atlantic Southeast pilots in ATL who must yield to Delta's MD-88 fleet, and also the ASA pilots in DFW who must work with both AA and DL MD-80s daily. Other than on the radio, I've never, ever heard an MD-80 aircraft referred to as a "mad dog". It's just a playful use of the MD prefix.
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RE: Why MD 80 Is Known As Mad Dog?

Tue Sep 07, 1999 4:38 am

Interested in more MD80/MD90 nicknames ? Check out
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RE: Why MD 80 Is Known As Mad Dog?

Tue Sep 07, 1999 9:58 am

We also refer to the MD-11 as a 'Mad Dog'. Like Gnomon said... it's just fun.