Who Needs A New Paint Scheme?

Sat Sep 04, 1999 11:34 pm

Who, Olympic, NWA, Delta?
Who do you think really needs a new paint job?
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RE: Who Needs A New Paint Scheme?

Sun Sep 05, 1999 12:05 am

NWA as a very nice paint shame. Olypic needs one, as well as Canada 3000, Southwest airlines and KLM.
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RE: Who Needs A New Paint Scheme?

Sun Sep 05, 1999 12:15 am

Olympic, NW and Delta have all had some livery changes in the last 10 years so it is unlikely they will do it for atleast another 10 years.
From the airlines that haven't had a livery update for ages, I think Thai needs one. Does anyone know why they abandoned their livery change they did for a very short time in the mid 1990s? I saw it on one of their A300s here in Perth. Although their livery is quite nice, it could do with an update. I also think Air India made a mistake by switching back to its Maharajah image. They trialled this red/gold "sun" livery but they say people preferred the Maharajah image. I think this Maharajah image makes them a bit of a joke. The "sun" certainly gave them a more professional look.
Back to the main point, besides Thai, I think Korean Air could do with a change(to put its bad safety record in the past) and so can KLM. Oh, Alitalia is in desperate need of one. Hope their new alliance will make them go for a new modern livery.
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RE: Who Needs A New Paint Scheme?

Sun Sep 05, 1999 12:16 am

I don´t think KLM needs a new pait job.It is really nice. You´ll think Im crazy, but I like Southwest´s.

Airlines that need:

AA, Aviaco, Binter, Miami Air, Sun Country, DL (a newer one), NWA, Air Aruba, and Canada 3000.

ANy others? How about service changes?
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RE: Who Needs A New Paint Scheme?

Sun Sep 05, 1999 1:09 am

gosh they have had their current paint scheme for over 20 years!!!!!!!!!
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RE: Who Needs A New Paint Scheme?

Sun Sep 05, 1999 1:23 am

Southwest is in dire need of a color scheme change; thir planes look like flying hotdogs. American could probably use a freshening, but part of me likes their old-school bare metal look. I also think that Delta didn't do enough with its new scheme. They should have seperated themselves more from the old scheme since that was one of the ugliest and most boring schemes I can remember. They also don't seem to be repainting thire old aircraft fast enough.

RE: Who Needs A New Paint Scheme?

Sun Sep 05, 1999 4:16 am

Hi John-

Delta just updated their paint scheme (thankfully) to a new, more modern look which actually is very fitting and probably appeals to old DL paint scheme lovers. Olympic needs a big update   That's why I refuse to buy their Herpa Wings (but I should anyways). NWA's paint scheme is fairly new (c. 1989ish). KLMs really the only "old" paint scheme that I like today. In fact, I read somewhere that NWA's paint scheme was based on KLM's. UA has a nice one too. AA in my opinion is overdue. It is very classy and appealing, but I think it is time for a change. I agree that Alilatia needs a new one. Also Boeing's roll-out colors are dull. I think they need to adopt a striking new original one for their roll outs.

Jack M

Delta Air Lines New Scheme

Sun Sep 05, 1999 4:22 am

Here you go Z.

Here is our old Delta (a 737-200) scheme:

Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Chris Barrow

And a new schemed 767-200 at our favorite airport   (DTW):

Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © John F. Zielinski

Jack M
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RE: Who Needs A New Paint Scheme?

Sun Sep 05, 1999 4:25 am

DON'T go near the Thai livery! Please! It has always been my favourite. AI319, I agree with you about BWIA, but you'll be glad to hear that the first 737-800 will be delivered with the new West Indian livery, the "British" name disappearing.
I was very disappointed that Ryanair used their old livery on the 737-800s; I had thought that they were going to use the "Billboard" livery in which one of its 737-200s is now painted, can't think which one - but it looks very nice. I am also glad to hear that Aerolineas Argie will be having a new livery later this year; I didn't like the "Iberia" style livery - I like Iberia's, but each airline should have its own. Another airline that needs to work out its identity is JAS - they have a nice livery on their 777s and MD90s, but are in no apparent hurry to repaint the rest of their fleet and it looks very staid in comparison. That's enough, isn't it!
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Sun Sep 05, 1999 6:13 am

Hey Kai, where did u get the BWIA info from??
do u have any idea what the new livery looks like???

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Sun Sep 05, 1999 7:16 am

The info for BWIA can be found in the newest (Sept.) issue of Airways Magazine. They have a pic in there of BWIA's new 737-700 aircraft, with a caption about the new name change.

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RE: Al319/FLY777UAL

Sun Sep 05, 1999 7:35 am

Hi guys,
It's actually AIRLINERS, page 20. showing as you rightly say, the 73G, in the old colours. Looking at it, yes, it's really in need of a change. They only say it's going to be introduced with the arrival of the new 738 in December. But, well, er . . . it HAS to be an improvement!
(Don't worry, FLY777UAL, I'm sure we all sometimes get confused between the two of them sometimes! I certainly do!)
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RE: Al319/FLY777UAL

Sun Sep 05, 1999 7:42 am

whoops...I knew it was one of the two!

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RE: Who Needs A New Paint Scheme?

Sun Sep 05, 1999 8:35 am

I basically agree with those that think Aerolíneas, Iberia and Alitalia colours should get a face-lift.

Others I think should change/refresh its colours:
* VASP and sisters (LAB, TAN and Ecuatoriana);
* Aeromexico (although not urgent);
* Northwest/KLM (have you ever noticed their paint geometry are quite resembling, just changing the colours - blue for KLM and red for NWA?);
* TAP-Air Portugal (a light face-lift would be welcomed);
* Finnair (to give more life to that just one blue and white scheme).


TP343, São Paulo, Brazil.

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RE: Who Needs A New Paint Scheme?

Mon Sep 06, 1999 11:17 am

I think that BA needs to go back to its world images logo. The Union Flag design isnt that nice in my opinion.... I still love AA's paint... its just a classic.

Those in need however:

SOUTHWEST!!, NWA, Air France, Iberia ( can be nice but not always) , Alitialia, Delta, Sun Country.
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RE: New Paint Scheme

Mon Sep 06, 1999 12:05 pm

I like the Continental Airlines Paint Scheme, I like the Gold Strip on the middle of the plane. I also like the 747-200 AF1 & 757-200... Thai needs a new scheme bad. Airtran had an old one that was horrible, their new one was better. I love Delta's new one. better than the old one well gotta get to bed it is 4:00 AM over here
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Mon Sep 06, 1999 12:53 pm

You'll be glad to hear that BWIA is changing their livery with the addition of 737-800 that are to be leased from ILFC. I hope it's a good one!
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RE: Who Needs A New Paint Scheme?

Mon Sep 06, 1999 8:05 pm

Kaitak , I agree with you.. Thai 's livery is nice and smooth and you would like it more if you know the meaning. Golden means the shining color of temples while pink and purple symbolizes our Silk. I would think SAS needs to go back to its first livery. They are moving in to the dull and boring ones. I also think any airlines with their entire aircraft shaded looks nice and I love to buy its Herpa... like Korean , KLM , Asiana , American ( BooOO!!! ) , United , Saudia... etc. etc.
Concorde SST
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RE: Who Needs A New Paint Scheme?

Tue Sep 07, 1999 12:36 am

I have to agree with Kaitac, Thai Airlines has a beautiful color scheme that should be left alone. I also believe that KLM is lovely just the way it is. Usually when an airline changes their color scheme, the trend has been to go with the EuroWhite, there go the cheat lines. Let’s hope our choices for a new look don’t go that way!

The ones that need a facelift are:

· Iberia
· Southwest
· Air France
· Alitalia
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Thanks Guys!

Tue Sep 07, 1999 1:15 am

Hi Thai747/Concorde SST,
glad to know I'm not the only one with good taste in airline liveries!! I understand that the motif on the tails of Thai aircraft is called the "Dancing Man". I also believe it was designed by the US firm, Landor Associates? You really have to look at it hard before it makes sense, but it does look superb. I don't know if you'd agree with this, but I think that the A330 looks much better in TG livery than the 777, yet the Cathay 777s look much better than the A330s (I love Cathay as my "name" would suggest - but I don't like the look of the RR Trents on the 330s; they look much better and bigger on the 777s.) Just a thought . . .
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RE: Thanks Guys!

Tue Sep 07, 1999 9:38 pm

Kaitak , Concorde... I'm glad someone likes my favourite airlines too.. but Thai Airways logo isn't anymore the dancing man , it was the previous livery

Where Thai's new logo which had been used for the past 20 years , symbolizes a unique flower in Thailand which are used to make bouquet , whcich are called Jum-pee... Thais also call TG with the nickname of Jum-Pee... also some Thai interprets the logo as the Thai solute of Sawasdee.. well no matter what   I love TG..
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RE: Who Needs A New Paint Scheme?

Tue Sep 07, 1999 9:51 pm

AA has a livery for the ages. I still like it. I also think NWA has a nice paint scheme and shouldn't change it. Who needs a face life though, is Airbus' House Colors. There horrible. You think they would want something to brighten up the plane a little. I love Boeings House Colors though.
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Delta Colors.

Tue Sep 07, 1999 10:29 pm

Originally, i didn't much care for the new colors versus the old ones. But i guess seeing tons of Delta planes (hi from ATL), it kinda greww on me. I especially like the MD-11's in the new colos. But, i wish they would have done something similar to the Olympic paint jobs they had on the MD-11 and 767 a few years ago, i thought those were great. Anyone know why they didn't?

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RE: Who Needs A New Paint Scheme?

Tue Sep 07, 1999 11:40 pm

I would have to say that Iberia definately needs some new darker colors.
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RE: Who Needs A New Paint Scheme?

Wed Sep 08, 1999 12:24 am

Well I think that Lufthansa should do something, they have revised the colors recently but a change would be welcomed as for AA, Alitalia and Air France. Iberia is lovely but they should do something just as A. Argentinas. I do not like the Southwest livery, new Canadian and I think that they should left the old one. Aeroflot should make something because that "new" design is simply horrible, LOT should make some changes and Swissair to.
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RE: Who Needs A New Paint Scheme?

Wed Sep 08, 1999 12:34 am

AA logo is boring... It has been pretty much the same since 1933.

I would also be pleased to see changes at Alitalia's, JAL's, ANA's and Korean Air's logos. Actually, it would be a good marketing strategy for Korean Air to do so, since its current reputation is not flying very high after the recent crashes.

However, one should know that changing the painting scheme is only one factor of the marketing strategy and it is usually followed by other changes, such as improvement in the in-flight service offered. As a traveller, I would prefer to have a better meal on board rather than a different logo. What is the point of changing the image, if the service still crappy?

Both Air France and Lufthansa have my favorite paint schemes. Please don't change.

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RE: Who Needs A New Paint Scheme?

Wed Sep 08, 1999 1:10 am

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease change the
TAP air portugal & Iberia airline paint schemes. What is it with those coutries. Iberia just has to go. Orange. Yuk nasty. And the red and green on tap makes their A310's look like from the 1960's. please change! :-)

RE: AF, AZ And LH Needs Some Change

Wed Sep 08, 1999 1:14 am


I think that Air France, Alitalia and Lufthansa have to change there livery colours. Something modern...
American Airlines shouldn't change, real nice as it is right now, and the same goes for KLM, NWA and UAL
That are liveries for live I think.

But what do you al think of the Eastern Europe Airlines like Malev, Balkan Bulgarian, Tarom etc, etc......I think they have to change.....they fly modern aircraft these days, but the livery is toooooooo simple.


AA Needs A New One

Wed Sep 08, 1999 2:32 am

Yes, AA REALLY needs a change. Old livery. Try something new. Oh well, AA's going down the tube anyway.   With all the previous happenings like the sickout and crashes and all that stuff. AA better turn around or they'll fall out. I absolutely LOVE the new Delta livery. Very professional look. I may be against the majority on this one but I do LOVE the new paint scheme. I saw a DL 757 old colors (N660DL) at SLC two days ago, right next to a new colors DL 757. WOW! The improvement is clearly noticed. The old colors hadn't been touched up in quite a while I could tell, and bare metal was starting to show. This looked quite ugly. I watched that plane (N660DL) throughout it's preparation and takeoff, and got some good photos of it that I will upload soon. It was going to Boston. Anyway, there were also a lot of 727s of Delta there, most in the new colors, but two there weren't, and they were REALLY showing their age. The new colors 727s looked as if they just came off the assembly line.
I think also that UAL could use a new livery. Their gray and blue scheme looks quite ugly to me. I have a UAL 777 hanging from the ceiling in my room, and it's okay, but could use new colors. I like CO's new scheme. AWA's is good too.

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Wed Sep 08, 1999 2:42 am

bee-wee is getting a new scheme soon....its in the latest issue of airlliners....

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RE: Who Needs A New Paint Scheme?

Wed Sep 08, 1999 3:04 am

Aerolineas Argentinas
Air France

To name a few...and please no more all white bodies...
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RE: Who Needs A New Paint Scheme?

Wed Sep 08, 1999 3:23 am

Tap - Air Portugal, Delta, United, Air France, Swissair.

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