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How Many Girls Are In Here?...

Sun Sep 05, 1999 12:32 am

... and why do you like/love commercial aviation?
I think I will get less than 10 replies from girls... I think there are a few.  
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RE: How Many Girls Are In Here?...

Mon Sep 06, 1999 1:01 pm

Hello from a fellow air chick! You're not alone.
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RE: How Many Girls Are In Here?...

Mon Sep 06, 1999 1:15 pm

While I'm not a girl I'm happy to see some. "Come Out of the Aviation closet" and break through a male dominated spectre of society.
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Girls, Aviation Is A Sterotypical Industry.

Mon Sep 06, 1999 2:56 pm

To the females in this forum:

I don't want to be rude or anything, but just say the facts. Aviaiton is a sterotypical industry. the males have dmoniated this area for a very long time, until now, there are at least some females who are interested in it. It is good to see females in this indutry, particulary in the flying/pilot area.

So to the adults in this forum, please encrourage your daugters into this area