New version of MD-11?

Sat Oct 31, 1998 3:50 am

I wonder if a new version of MD-11 would be producted?
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RE: New version of MD-11?

Sat Oct 31, 1998 4:00 am

I'm no expert on the aviation industry, but isn't the MD-11 production line closing in 2000? Apparently Boeing have decided that there is no market for the passenger MD-11.At the moment, there just finishing off the last couple of MD-11 freighters, therefore it is unlikely that any more, or any new MD-11's will be produced.

RE: New version of MD-11?

Sat Oct 31, 1998 4:07 am

Yeah, it's sad but I think we have to face the MD-11s becoming obsolete in next few years.

RE: New version of MD-11?

Sat Oct 31, 1998 5:49 am

Whoa, you must have been hibernating to not know that there will not be anymore MD-11 variants to be built. The program is set to stop in 2001 and unless any new orders come through then it will stop at that time.
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RE: New version of MD-11?

Sat Oct 31, 1998 11:01 am

The MD-11 production will be closed within the next two years or so. No more passengers MD-11 are produced, only the MD-11F is still in production. Only Fed Ex and Lufthansa Cargo have some on order but once all are delivered, the MD-11 production will be closed. I don't think Boeing is taking anymore MD-11 orders.
It's like if you go to a restaurant very late at nite. The waitress tells you: "Sorry we are closing". But you see people still eating. That means the restaurant is still open but the waiters don't take anymore orders. The kitchen closes once all meals ordered are prepared.
The same thing happens with the MD-11: the production line is closing once all airplanes on order are ready to be delivered to the last two customers: Fed Ex and Lufthansa Cargo.
Sad isn't it? The MD-11 will be missed.
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RE: New version of MD-11?

Sat Oct 31, 1998 11:16 am

Hi :

According to what I knew, Boeing has
been designing a next generation of MD11. This new generation is called
MD-12. It's a two-story aircraft (like
the 747 head)and have the maximum
capacity of 800 passengers per flight.


RE: New version of MD-11?

Sat Oct 31, 1998 7:15 pm

MD11: Boeing is not designing any such aircraft. If they ever were to make such a double deck plane, it would be based on the 747. But even that project it seems they have scraped.
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RE: New version of MD-11?

Sun Nov 01, 1998 5:37 am

Current info states that the MD-11 scraping is no deffinate yet. People in the high ranks of Boeing are talking about keeping it on for a few more years and redesigning the whole aircraft to make the tail engine more like the L1011. Delta Airlines and American Airlines are among the American airlines pressuring them to do this.
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RE: New version of MD-11?

Sun Nov 01, 1998 7:03 am

I was watching a TV show about these super-jumbo planes, and they just won't work. The airports are just too small for the huge people-flow, not to mention handling a huge aircraft; they just can't do it right now. Also, what would happen if one of these planes crashed? 800 people disintegrated in one crash?

Noel Benford
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RE: New version of MD-11?

Sun Nov 01, 1998 9:41 am

I hope the Md11 is kept around in some form. It is a good complimentary plane for an airline (Delta, American) who has an otherwise twin engine widebosy fleet
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RE: New version of MD-11?

Sun Nov 01, 1998 10:39 am

nope. orders have run out and production will cease around the turn of the century. besides... 777??
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RE: New version of MD-11?

Tue Nov 03, 1998 12:39 am

The MD11 line is closing around the year 2000, so a new version will not be offered. The MD11 line is only producing one aircraft a month as it is right now.
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